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Indic MediaWiki Developers User Group

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Indic MediaWiki Developers User Group (aka Indic-TechCom) is a group of volunteers, from both within and outside India, who are willing to provide technical support to Indic Wikimedia projects and community members. Technical support is provided in the areas of user-scripts, gadgets, tools, extensions, Lua modules, templates, MediaWiki core, etc. On-Wiki support is the predominant focus of the group, however, outreach activities are also taken up from time to time, such as MediaWiki training, mentoring Google Summer of Code students, etc.

Currently, our technical work is being done under Indic TechCom.


Technical support

  • Fixing broken gadgets and templates;
  • Developing user-scripts and gadgets;
  • Support towards enabling extensions;
  • Developing open-source tools for Indic and larger Wikimedia community;
  • Developing and support of Lua modules;
  • Facilitating implementation of MediaWiki features;
  • Developing automated/semi-automated bots;
  • Support communities to change their site configurations;
  • Improving the site performance of Indic wikis;
  • Helping communities to implement filters to fight spam and vandalism;
  • Helping communities to design mobile interface of Main pages;
  • Contributing to the development of MediaWiki and their extensions;
  • Helping communities to localize wiki interface;
  • Documenting technical stuff to make communities to self-reliant;
  • Creating and maintaining technical resources wiki with practical examples snippets;


  • Imparting basic to intermediate technical skills to a larger group of Wikimedians working on Indic Wikimedia projects, thereby filling the gaps in a technical capacity at the grassroots level, and supporting activities planned in this context.
  • Improving our members' coding skills through skill development sessions, and sharing knowledge with each other.
  • Mentoring and support to Google Summer of Code, Outreachy, and similar programs.
  • Collaborate with other open-source communities such as FOSS and Mozilla, for common goals.
  • Creating short video tutorials about specific and easy technical tasks, so that community members can do basic stuff themselves.

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