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Indic Wikisource Community/Odia Wikisource Status

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Odia Wikisource Status

On June 2020
On part of Indic Wikisource Community

The sub-domain was created in Oct 11, 2014.Odia wikisource is the 11th Indic language wikisource in India, and is available at or.wikisource.org.The Odia wikisource project was proposed by User:Psubhashish on 8 January 2013 and Language committee approved this on 9 October 2014. There are more than 40 million native Odia speakers in the world. Most live in the Indian state of Odisha and its neighboring states, but there is a large diaspora in countries like the US, UK, UAE, and across South and East Asia. Despite being spoken by so many people, Odia's online presence is relatively small.

Pre Google OCR 2 years

As a major issues of all Indic language OCR was not available in India in 2014, so the initially the Odia Wikisource user start with typing the books at ProofreadPage interface and import the Odia Unicode text from other website. They imported “The Odia Bhagabata,” a literary classic compiled in the 14th century, in Wikisource from Odia.org website on November 2014 .

Google OCR

After release January 2015 of Google OCR at their Google Drive, Tamil Wikimedian T.shrinivasan developed OCR4wikisource python script in December 2015. Its have done most of the bot OCR in Odia Wikisource.

The google OCR developeded in all Indic Wikisource on September 2017 by Wikimedia Foundation tech team.The Google OCR was developed in via Google's Cloud Vision API OCR service.That time Odia language font was not supported by this service. But in Nov,2018 Indic-TechCom team lead by Jayprakash developed IndicOCR which is running DriveAPI, and it is working for all Indic language including Odia. That help to the Odia community.

Proofreading Stats

As per June 2020 all India wikisource stats of proofreadin, Odia Wikisource stands 11th position out of 12 Indic languages Wikisource. The below graph shows the developments of Proofreading stats of Odia Wikisource of last 5 years

Proofreading stats of Odia Wikisource of last 5 years

Top editor in Mainnamespace

User rank Total Edits
Pmsarangi 1 175
Jnanaranjan sahu 2 142
Ssgapu22 3 97
Radhadwibedi 4 88
Hpsatapathy 5 44
Subas Chandra Rout 6 31
Spbal 7 16
Samuele2002 10 3

Top editor in ProofreadPage

User PageNamespace Edits
* User talk:Pmsarangi or.wikisource.org 9801
* User talk:Chinmayee Mishra or.wikisource.org 3856
* User talk:Radhadwibedi or.wikisource.org 3071
* User talk:Ssgapu22 or.wikisource.org 2645
* User talk:Subas Chandra Rout or.wikisource.org 1387
* User talk:MKar or.wikisource.org 850
* User talk:Banojmahala or.wikisource.org 697
* User talk:Odisha1 or.wikisource.org 479
* User talk:Tripathysusama or.wikisource.org 468
* User talk:Ashusarangi or.wikisource.org 435
* User talk:Prateek Pattanaik or.wikisource.org 370
* User talk:Sitikantha Rout or.wikisource.org 351
* User talk:Psubhashish or.wikisource.org 273
* User talk:Aliva Sahoo or.wikisource.org 244
* User talk:Orwiki2019 or.wikisource.org 222
* User talk:R.akrurabariha or.wikisource.org 212
* User talk:Jaisingh9 or.wikisource.org 172

Active User in last 5 years

Odia wikisource active editor

Validated books

The below 14 books have published by the community as a validated books which is a standers books as per Wikisource community stander.

Odia Wikisource Third Anniversary meetup

This is the last meetup in 2017 where most of the all active member presented.

This is the last meetup in 2017

Compare Proofreading stats

This is the comparison of proofread stats with Punjabi Wikisource which was created in 2017 after 3 years of Odia Wikisource.

Compare Proofreading stats with Punjabi wikisource