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Filed as bugzilla:1254.

Screenshot of InterSiteIcons (mock-up)

I propose to enhance the Interwiki concept by an additional feature, which allows to show a small icon in front of the interwiki target, which also gives an information about the interwiki site where the following target is looked up.

When you type


this is displayed as

  (InterWikiIcon, a small image) InterWikiTarget



will be then displayed as


The two colons '::' are chosen at the moment to force the display of the interwiki icon without influencing the current behaviour.

I propose in addition, that the number of colons ':' determines different views:

  1. one colon: [[Prefix:Target]] rendered as the wiki site default determined by the wiki sysop, for example Prefix:Target
  2. two colons: [[Prefix::Target]] rendered as Icon Target
  3. three colons: [[Prefix:::Target]] rendered as Prefix:Target
  4. four colons: [[Prefix::::Target]] rendered as Icon Prefix:Target

A new user option is proposed to determine the behaviour of the interwiki icon display (opt-in / opt-out ).

Implementation details:

The interwiki table needs to be amended:

  • one new column to hold a link to the small icon, which is preferably local on the wiki server
  • one new column (binary 0/1) to enable/disable the view of the stored icon.

If no icon is available or if the icon is disabled, then the intersite prefix is shown.