International Museum Day 2021/Wikidata Competition

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The International Museum Day Wikidata Competition 2021
3 – 18 May 2021

About Participate Winners 2020 edition


The competition is finished. Thank you to all who participated!

This competition is about improving data about museums in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland on Wikidata.
It starts on 3 May 2021 and ends on 18 May 2021, the International Museum Day.

Categories and prizes

There are 3 categories:

  1. Museums in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland
  2. People employed at museums in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland (e.g. curators, museum directors, scientists)
  3. Objects and events in museums in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland (e.g. paintings, exhibitions)

The are 5 prizes for the top 5 contributors to each of the 3 categories. This makes a total of 15 prizes. The prizes are purchases or vouchers for selected museum online shops (see table below), each worth up to 150 EUR.

Please contact Wikimedia Österreich via verein(_AT_) before you order your prize in one of the selected online shops on your own. The prize sponsors are Wikimedia CH, Wikimedia Deutschland, Wikimédia France, Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia Österreich.

Museum Link to online shop
Albertina (Q371908) (en)
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (Q700216) (en)
Funeral Museum Vienna (Q830428) (de)
Kunsthistorisches Museum (Q95569) (en)
Leopold Museum (Q59435) (en)
Louvre Museum (Q19675) (en)
Old Viennese Schnapsmuseum (Q106410259) (en)
Swiss Science Center Technorama (Q1501500) (de)
Vatican Museums (Q182955) (en)
Vienna Museum (Q505873) (en)


  • The competition takes place from Monday, 3 May 2021, 00:00 CEST until Tuesday, 18 May 2021, 23:59 CEST.
  • In order to participate, you have to join at least one Dashboard for one of the three categories:
Museums Dashboard People Dashboard Objects and Events Dashboard
  • You can participate in one or more than one categories.
  • You can enroll at any time during the competition.
  • The objective of the competition is to accumulate the most points.
  • You earn points by editing Wikidata items related to museums in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and/or Switzerland.
  • Only data collected in the Dashboards are taken into account when calculating the score.
  • Bots are excluded from participation but you can use other editing tools.
  • The score is calculated, and the results announced, about two weeks after the competition.
  • You had to make sure you allow other users to email you in your preferences so that we can reach you in case you win a prize. Please collect your prize until 15 August 2021 the latest.


  • The score is calculated based on the Characters added metrics in the Dashboard(s).
  • 1 added character = 1 point
  • Since recent edits can take some time to appear in the Dashboards, the score is calculated about two weeks after the end of the competition.

Which Wikidata items count?