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International issues

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Purpose of this page is simple:

  • to establish nationality (nation to which somebody belongs) of people which have their page on some Wikipedia, if this nationality is disputed

Detailed rationale[edit]

Disputed nationalities are occuring for many reasons:

  • people are leaving their countries, changing one homeland for another because of economic or any other possible reason (Albert Einstein fled Germany 1932. afraid for his life)
  • joint countries (federations or confederations like ČSSR, SSSR or Yugoslavia) have fallen apart, and nationality of people from this countries is disputed

This disputes are occuring on more then one wikipedia, and there are two problems to it:

  • lot of people is wasting lot of time arguing on many wikipedias, instead to do that on one place (meta) and
  • solution on different wikipedias can be different, which isn't necessary wrong, but in ideal world all Wikipedias would contain same content only in different languages

Wiki solution[edit]

Idea is simple: to form group(s)/task forces which will sort out this problem on one place (meta), and spread this resolutions on all Wikipedias (wikiwide :-).


  1. Forming rules/procedure for solving nationality disputes
  2. Forming group of experienced users from different Wikipedias (admins/bureaucrats/stuards wanted) so resolutions made here are applied wikiwide



  • Q: Why is this page called International issues and not something like Establishing nationality or Solving national questions?
  • A: Because there can be more kind of disputes except above mentioned question of nationality, and if we make good mechanism for solving one kind of international disputes, why not to use it for all other which can occur?