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  • OSM: Generating tiles (to L8 everywhere). Last done 4y ago for XOS.
    Option: SVG layer? Option: separate a labels layer Option:
  • Packages of detailed tiles, by specific geography.

Course videos[edit]

  • KA videos: resolve question (was there a CC-SA license from mid-2010?)
  • KA-Lite: refresh w/ recent videos? Or replace w/ Kolibri packages

Making Tim's life easier[edit]

  • Packaging toolchain:
    GUI for RACHEL and map selections.
    GUI for removing items in the collection
  • Set up league of content scrapers + packagers
    Half of the attendees would join. All from different angles; not all open libraries yet.

Content app store[edit]

  • Maintain a central store for: Kiwix, RACHEL, KA, other packages.
  • Indicate how to access/build collections from Kolibri, others (each requiring their own server/client for finding content)