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Use this page to activate, or deactivate, InternetArchiveBot on a given wiki. To activate or deactivate a bot, scroll down to the relevant wiki and select “Goto runpage”. This will reload the Admin Interface in the context of that wiki. Then, you will see a status indicator on the top of the page. It will say “This wiki is: Enabled” or “This wiki is: Disabled”. (If you do not select “Goto runpage” for the particular wiki, this indicator will reflect the wiki currently specified in the dropdown box on the top-right side of the interface.)

If the bot is disabled, you can enable the bot by providing a reason to enable the bot and then clicking the “Enable” button. In order for InternetArchiveBot to be enabled on a wiki, there needs to be consensus on that wiki for the bot to operate. Providing an explanation of this consensus when enabling the bot for the first time is recommended.

If the bot is enabled, you can disable the bot by providing a reason to disable the bot and then clicking the “Disable” button. You must provide a reason when disabling the bot. If you do not provide a reason, the bot may be summarily re-enabled. If you are disabling InternetArchiveBot because of problems with the bot, please file a bug report.