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There are two options for submitting bug reports:

  • Report false positive: A false positive occurs when InternetArchiveBot treats a URL as broken when it is not. Use this option to report links that have been mistakenly “fixed” or tagged as dead.
  • Report a bug: Use this option to report other mistakes InternetArchiveBot makes, or problems with InternetArchiveBot’s admin interface.

Report false positive[edit]

To report a false positive using the Report False Positives page, add one URL per line. Generally, URLs should be links to specific web pages rather than entire domains. Then, click submit. The tool will check the links you submitted and present you with the results. Then, if the URLs can be submitted, you will have the option to confirm. Here are possible scenarios you may encounter when you submit a link:

  • Bot originally saw the link as dead, but now thinks it’s alive. Once the link is submitted, the bot will immediately correct the database to note that the link is alive.
  • Bot originally saw the link as dead, and still thinks it’s dead. You will be presented with the option to submit the links for human review.
  • Bot scanned the link and never saw it as dead. A false positive cannot be reported if the bot never regarded the link as dead to begin with.
  • URL not in the link scan database. If InternetArchiveBot has never encountered the link in its scans of Wikipedia articles, you will not have the option to submit it as a false positive.
  • URL already reported as false positive. If the URL has already been reported, you cannot report it again.

Once you have done so, you will see “Done: Successfully submitted the report.”

Report a bug[edit]

Use the “report a bug” page to report any other malfunction with InternetArchiveBot or the management interface.

InternetArchiveBot uses Wikimedia Phabricator to track development and receive bug reports. Use of this service requires an account on Phabricator. Follow these instructions for creating an account.

There are two form fields:

  • Title: Give a clear, descriptive title of what is occurring. Avoid generic descriptions like “bot is broken.” If you encounter the bug on a particular wiki, be sure to include the name of that wiki.
  • Details: Describe the bug in as much detail as you can. Describe the steps someone would take in order to trigger the bug. If the bot is doing something in a wrong way, describe what the correct way would be. Include diffs to incorrect edits the bot is making. If you do not include enough details, we may close your report without taking action.

Please submit reports only in English or German. Reports submitted in other languages may be delayed in processing or closed entirely.

Once you click “submit,” you will be taken to Phabricator to complete the submission. You do not need to do anything on this form. Click “Create New Task” and your ticket will be submitted.

Please wait for a response on the ticket. Members of the InternetArchiveBot team, including Cyberpower678 and Harej, will communicate with you on that ticket. It is strongly recommended you have email notifications enabled on Phabricator.