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QueerEcofeminist ...

Email sureshkhole.com@gmail.com ...

Your contribution


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  • Active project name:
Apart from my contributions to wikicommons, enwiki, I work Marathi Projects, mrwikisource(sysop), mrwiki, mrwikibooks(ex sysop), mrwikivoyage(in incubator as test sysop), I also help in fighting global vandalism as global rollbacker, So technically my contributions are not limited to one project.


  • Contribution:
What are some of your best contribution to Wikimedia so far? (Please add relevant links)
I have been contributing to wikisource, in terms of improving it through various gadgets, templates and other developments, my admin actions can be seen here. For basic reference I am only giving my mrwikisource and hiwiki stats as a example of my work.

विकिस्रोत (mr.wikisource.org)


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# Username User groups Total Delete Revision delete Log delete Restore (Re)block Unblock (Re)protect Unprotect Rights Merge Import AbuseFilter Content model
1 QueerEcofeminist 641 71 1 0 1 2 0 11 0 0 0 551 4 0

विकिपीडिया (hi.wikipedia.org)


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# Username User groups Total Patrol
2 QueerEcofeminist 17,447 17,447
  • Other activity:
    • I am also involved in offwiki activities around mrwiki projects in the Pune city and even in the state of Maharashtra
    • I have been in dialogue with various authors and publishing houses to get their works for wikiprojects(wikisource, wikicommons etc)

Future activities (optional)


You can write your future plans in brief. Please mention the projects, areas or topics you want to work on Wikimedia in the upcoming months

    • To improve mrwikisource in terms of technical facilities, get involved in the administrative tasks(if community approves!) of mrwikibooks, mrwikivoyage and even on other projects.
    • When COVID19 situation will allow us to go out and work with community in mass, I would like to get back to trainings, workshops, awareness drives around wikimedia projects, which I was doing before COVID19.
    • Currently, I will pursue small events, small activities(mostly online!) which can be carried out without breaking the physical distance and other protocols of covid19 times.

Application status

Is your application complete? (please write "Yes" or "No")