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Javanese Language Wikipedia Revitalization Project 2012-2013/Activities

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Welcome to the activity report of Javanese Language Wikipedia Revitalization Project 2012-2013. The project itself in Javanese is called "Papat Limpad" or in English Fantastic Four. The intervention is aimed to increase Javanese Language Wikipedia contributor up to a critical mass where the community could sustain itself and grow. Wikimedia Indonesia believe critical mass is reached when it sustain at a minimum 20 very active contributor without competition. So the success of the project can only be seen after the event. In 2011 similar project is done using one university intervention. As a result Javanese language Wikipedia readership climb to 2,5 million readers in October 2011 and dropped back to 1,6 million in April 2012; A similar situation before intervention happened. Comparing to Indonesian language Wikipedia where each intervention increase 10 million readership and the number have the tendency to stay, waiting for the next intervention, small language Wikipedia such as Javanese, the readership rate dropped the minute the number of contributors dropped.

Therefore Wikimedia Indonesia prioritize Javanese Language Wikipedia intervention and put most of its resources to do this one program making sure it is up and running. We figure at a minimum of three interventions in three years will do the trick, before helping other languages wikipedia in Indonesia.

Page View increase of Javanese Language Wikipedia. Normal condition (left) in 2010 where December recorded as 1,3 million page view/ month and intervention (right) in 2011 where August 2,2 million/ month, however on October 2011 it recorded 2,5 million as the peak of readership


Past Present Future
Outreach Ramadhan Javanese Language Wikipedia Writing Competition
Writing Class and Training Competition Advertising 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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  • 17 September 2012 starting day of competition, all activities of participants will be patrolled and counted by the committee.