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Kurdish Wikimedians User Group

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Kurdish Wikimedians
User Group
Founding date2 August 2020
Official language(s)Kurdish
Other language(s)
Key peopleLeaders

Kurdish Wikimedians User Group is a group dedicated to promoting Kurdish culture and language across the world. It is formed by active contributors of Kurdish Wikimedia projects. It aims to increase the number of quality content in Kurdish.


  • Help the world to get to know more about the Kurds;
  • Promote and encourage use of Kurdish on all Wikimedia projects;
  • Enable all Kurdish languages and dialects on Wikimedia projects to help them preserve and flourish;
  • Increase in number and quality of articles;
  • Spread and promote the idea of being a Wikian among the Kurdish people through online activities and physical outreach in schools, universities, institutes, libraries and more;
  • Organize and facilitate collaboration among the members of the Kurdish Wikimedia projects such as; Wiktionary and Wikipedias of Kurmanji, Sorani and Zazaki.
  • To promote peace and harmony


  • Regular meetings (online and in person);
  • Workshops;
  • Contests;
  • Edithatons
  • GLAM projects

Current & Upcoming events[edit]

Planned events & activicties[edit]

  • An online workshop for medical students from University of Kurdistan Hewler (3rd November, 2020) - Done
  • To use Social Media to encourage people use, edit Kurdish Wikipedias (Kurmanji, Sorani and Zazaki) and other Wikimedia projects - Done.
  • Attended a Rudaw Radio program for celebrating 20th Anniversary of Wikipedia (Link Facebook - Youtube)
  • A seminar about contributing Wikipedia for Salahaddin University-Erbil lecturers (25th April, 2021) - Done
  • One Featured Articles per a Month - (Continuous)
  • Kurdish Visibility on Wikimedia (project page coming soon)
  • Video tutorials in Kurdish about using Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects (Project page coming soon)
  • Translating Wikimedia related pages into Kurdish such as (Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees Elections, Movement Charter/Drafting Committee/Elections and WPWP21)
  • Encourage Kurdish editors to participate in global contests such as (Wiki Loves Folklore 2021, Wikipedia Asian Month 2020, WikiGap Challenge 2021, Wiki Loves Sport 2021 and WikiForHumanRights 2021) - Done


Join Us![edit]

Any contributor to one of the Kurdish Wikimedia projects can become a member. If you want to join us and become a member, please contact us via email. You can find contact info in the section right below. Or click the "Joins us" button below.

Click here and JOIN US

On this page you can find a complete list of our volunteers.

Contact information[edit]

You can connect with us in the talk page of this page, or by email to the sysops at kurdishwikimediansgroup(_AT_)gmail(_DOT_)com. We are also active on Twitter and Instagram group and page.

Social Media[edit]

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Kurdish Wikimedians User Group