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Kurdish Wikimedians User Group/report/2022

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This page is about annual Kurdish Wikimedians User Group activities during Nov 2021 to October 2022.


Dec 2021[edit]

On 4th Jan 2022 we had an online meeting with Mr. Ahmad Karim, an english teacher from École Française School in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan. We plan a Wikipedia-School project in the high schools of Sulaymaniyah. As user group we gave our experience, tips and video tutorials to Mr. Ahmed in order to teach students.

Attendance (4) : Aram, Mohammed Sardar, Sarchia and Ahmad Karim.

June 2022[edit]

  • In this online meeting we discussed future plans and choosing our representatives to attend Wikimedia Summit 2022 and WikiArabia 2022. Therefore, Mohammed and Sarchia chosen.
  • We exchange ideas about making some online contests.

Attendances (4): Kushared (Mohammed), Bikarhener, Serchia, Aram.

Aug 2022[edit]

This online meeting dedicated to solve Kurdish language issue in Wikipedia and other projects. Especially we talk about how we can re-design Central Kurdish Keyboard layout per current demands and issues. From this meeting, people from outside of the user group attended including IT and language experts.

Attendance (10):

  • Aras Noori
  • Aram
  • Aso Mahmoodi
  • Aga Ismael
  • Awat Hadi
  • Ahmed Karim
  • Jafar Hamidi
  • Diako Hashemi
  • Sarchia Khursheed
  • Mohammed Sardar

Oct 2022[edit]

In this meeting we re-elected Mohammed Sardar (user:Kushared) and Hossain as leader of the user group. In addition, we start brainstorming for next year projects. Therefore, we decided to apply for grants for a GLAM project with Zheen Center and for serval online/physical contest. At the end, Mohammed told his experience on attending Wikimedia Summit 2022.

Attendance (5):

  • Hossain
  • Aras Noori
  • Aram
  • Sarchia Khursheed
  • Mohammed Sardar



In July we start initial talk with Zhin Achieve Center to get their rich archive files in Kurdish history. We hope out talk reach it is goal in the next few months.(This project will be updated in next report)

Wikimedia Events[edit]

Mohammed represent Kurdish Wikimedians User Group in Wikimedia Summit 2022.

Our representative Mohammed Sardar attended Wikimedia Summit 2022.