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  • What is this? A summary of the topics discussed on the mailing list foundation-l, grouped roughly by topic & chronological thread.
  • Time period: Sunday, November 2, 2008 -- Saturday, November 15, 2008 (2 weeks, Sunday to Saturday)
  • NOTES: Each link is to the first post on that topic in the selected time period that was found. In the effort to group topics together, some threads are listed out of chronological order.
  • If you want to know more please click the links to the list archives. Many discussions are very long and complex. Navigate to other posts in the threaded discussion by clicking "next" or "previous" in the archives (you must be viewing the archives in thread view for this to work). Note that sometimes threads jump around -- view the whole monthly archive by subject if you want to make sure to read every message on a topic.
  • Important topics: Topics that generated a lot of discussion or that are especially important are bolded.
  • Announcements: Topics that are official WMF board, staff or chapter announcements or reports are also underlined.
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  1. Board member Ting Chen points out that the licensing terms for Baidupedia have changed -- to CC, apparently, but it's unclear. [1]
  2. GerardM blogged about his presentation at the WM-Nederlands conference [2]
  3. Expert board seats: Ongoing discussion about giving feedback on the "Expertise" board seats, as invited by nominations committee. Where to discuss the seats, whether the chapters or the foundation can host a wiki, and what the criteria should be are all brought up. [3]
  4. Community communication and participation: More discussion about whether declining participation on the mailing lists means declining community participation or not. Also, is the community in decline? Discuss. (see last month for the beginning of this discussion). [4] (coda: [5])
    1. Social networks and Communication: This leads to a long thread about whether "social networking" in the community is desirable or not, and also general communication issues within the community and how things get done (or not). [6]
  5. Praise for the first-ever Wikimedia Foundation report! And a suggestion to add more community content. [7]
  6. GFDL 1.3 Released: hot damn! It turns out wikis can haz licenses. much discussion. [8]
    1. part 2 of discussion, starting with official announcement from Erik: [9]
    2. part 3 of discussion, broader discussion about CC and dual licensing, and the FAL license [10]
  7. Wikimedia Survey ended [11]
    1. Konqueror -- does it work with the sitewide Wikimedia survey? [12]
  8. Open Video Alliance -- Erik reports on a meeting with them [13]
  9. Board meeting update: from Michael Snow [14]
  10. Stable versions on DE: request for update (answer: it's live), discussion of results [15]
  11. Fundraising stuff
    1. message about fundraising from Erik for translation to all communities (and then discussion) [16]
    2. Debug fundraising pages -- call for help from the WMF [17]
    3. donation story on Slashdot, courtesy of David G. [18])
    4. Fundraising totals prognostication -- [19]
    5. Fundraising banner on FR:WP issues (now fixed, with msg from Tim) [20]
    6. Should we set up a mailing list for chapter contact people & the WMF about the fundraiser? [21]
    7. Report on fundraiser from the WMF head of community giving [22]
    8. Donation banner: -- do people hate it? If so, is this normal? [23] (thread jump: [24])
  12. GFDL-CC Harmonization FAQ: -- Mike Godwin's writing one (thank goodness!). Suggestions? Send 'em along. [25]
  13. Thai government censoring: -- apparently they blocked the article about the King of Thailand. [26]
  14. Someone suggests making an "innovation wiki", especially for innovation in information tech. [27]
  15. Moldovan Wikipedia: its existence or lack thereof still proving controversial (along with what language & writing system is used in Moldova). [28]
    1. Note an earlier fwd'd message about the ISO-639 standard regarding Romanian & Moldavian language codes, & short discussion. [29]
  16. "The European Commission published in July a "Green Paper - Copyright in the Knowledge Economy" -- can we help them fix copyright law for user-created works? [30]
  17. Report on the Wikimedia Sverige (Wikimedia Sweden) Academy in Lund recently (and a note that the recent book in Swedish about Wikipedia is for sale now & doing well) [31]