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  • What is this? A summary of the topics discussed on the mailing list foundation-l, grouped roughly by topic & chronological thread.
  • Time period: July 1-15, 2009
  • NOTES: Each link is to the first post on that topic in the selected time period that was found. In the effort to group topics together, some threads are listed out of chronological order.
  • If you want to know more please click the links to the list archives. Many discussions are very long and complex. Navigate to other posts in the threaded discussion by clicking "next" or "previous" in the archives (you must be viewing the archives in thread view for this to work). Note that sometimes threads jump around -- view the whole monthly archive by subject if you want to make sure to read every message on a topic.
  • Important topics: Topics that generated a lot of discussion or that are especially important are bolded.
  • Announcements: Topics that are official WMF board, staff or chapter announcements or reports are also underlined.
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  1. Announcements and reports
    1. Commons gets $300K grant to improve uploading [1]
    2. "bookshelf" project manager job posted (in SF) -- apply before July 20 [2]
    3. Annual Financial plan (2009-10) posted [3]
    4. Wikizine # 110 [4]
    5. There are three new chapters: Portugal, Ukraine and Denmark! [5]
    6. still soliciting feedback about donation buttons: [6]
    7. Wikizine #111 [7]
    8. Wikimania and influenza-A [8]
    9. Announcing Eugene Eric Kim as Strategic Planning project manager [9]
    10. Announcing Philippe Beaudette as Strategic Planing facilitator [10]
    11. Wikimedia and NIH collaborate in wiki-workshop [11]
  2. Chapters and community
    1. how do you fully consult the community consensus? [12]; jump: who manages this place anyway? [13]
    2. what kind of non-chapter chapter-like groups should we have? [14] jump: [15]
  3. Commons and Gallery, Libraries, Archives, Museums (GLAM) issues
    1. National Portrait Gallery (NPG, London, UK) suing a Wikimedia contributor [16]
    2. Permanent deletion on Commons? (jump from above) [17]
    3. GLAM partnerships in Holland [18]
    4. article about the issue of "Public domain art in an age of easier mechanical reproducibility" [19]
    5. more articles by authors of above: [20]
    6. has anyone been in touch with NPG? [21]
    7. discuss: why should GLAM orgs use Commons? [22]
    8. Wishlist from the National Library in Norway [23]
    9. discussions with Dutch museum ongoing [24]
  4. Languages and localization
    1. mo.wikipedia not renamed (again). Answer: patience. [25]
    2. Meadow Mari Wikipedia founded [26]
  5. Licensing
    1. Attribution on small devices? [27]
    2. translation questions about the licensing change: [28]
    3. Lingua Franca issues [29]
  6. Miscellaneous/other
    1. Templates and programming languages in MediaWiki [30]
    2. HTML5 doesn't have <video>, <audio> default codecs [31]
    3. a proposal for Wikimedia Weather (see also: the wikiclock -- ed.) [32]
    4. Felipe Ortega's thesis, analyzing top-10 language editions of Wikipedia, is posted; got lots of media coverage [33]
    5. should we actively recommend Firefox to video users? [34]
    6. Jump from above: should we start instituting standards for help pages? [35]
    7. Google institutes image search by license, hurrah [36]