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  • What is this? A summary of the topics discussed on the mailing list foundation-l, grouped roughly by topic & chronological thread.
  • Time period: November 1-15, 2009
  • NOTES: Each link is to the first post on that topic in the selected time period that was found. In the effort to group topics together, some threads are listed out of chronological order.
  • If you want to know more please click the links to the list archives. Many discussions are very long and complex. Navigate to other posts in the threaded discussion by clicking "next" or "previous" in the archives (you must be viewing the archives in thread view for this to work). Note that sometimes threads jump around -- view the whole monthly archive by subject if you want to make sure to read every message on a topic.
  • Important topics: Topics that generated a lot of discussion or that are especially important are bolded.
  • Announcements: Topics that are official WMF board, staff or chapter announcements or reports are also underlined.
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Note: this was an unusual and quiet period in the history of F-l, as the list was on complete moderation for several days. See the Signpost for a summary.


  1. Announcements and reports
    1. strategic planning office hours [1], [2]
    2. WMF office hours [3], [4]
    3. Jimmy Wales won the 2009 Nokia open innovation award [5]
    4. new fundraising staff, Megan Hernandez [6]
    5. report from the Paris usability meeting [7]
    6. upcoming Board meeting topics [8]
    7. Domas Mituzas and Craig Newmark appointed to advisory board [9]
    8. audited financial statements for WMF for last two years are on the wmf wiki [10]
  2. Foundation, Chapters and community
    1. making the puzzle globe for the WMF offices: [11]
    2. employment law discussion [12] and whether WMF should report hirings, firings, etc [13]
    3. The state of Foundation-l (again) [14], more [15], [16], the use of Foundation-l [17], foundation-l on moderation [18]
    4. wikinews has failed? [19], [20]
    5. wikinews has not failed [21]
    6. growth versus maintenance -- should we try to recapture some of the excitement of the early days of WP? [22]
    7. Foundation-l moderation update -- meta page with options for improving f-l [23]
    8. Foundation-l up and running again, now with a 30-post limit and more moderation [24]
    9. new tutorial on pl.wp [25]
  3. Fundraiser
    1. annual fundraiser set to start nov. 10 [26]
    2. are there matching donations? yes if you donate $100US+ [27]
    3. fundraiser tech issues -- fundraiser banners pulled for a day to deal with them [28]
    4. why these banners? [29]
    5. update on the fundraiser, including community generated banners, message of the fundraiser, etc. [30]
  4. Translations, languages
    1. font support for Korean [31]
  5. Technical
    1. research paper: improving search in mediawiki with quality measures [32]
  6. Miscellaneous/other
    1. (OECD wiki) [33]
    2. new tool for generating a calendar with wiki images [34]
    3. new list summary [35]
    4. DMCA and google [36]
    5. Jimmy Wales on the BBC [37]