Language committee/Reports/2011-09

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This is the language committee report for September 2011.


  • There will be a Hackathon in Mumbai, India (19-20 November) which focuses partially on language support. Several members will participate.


  • The Oriya Wiktionary has been re-opened. It is the first time that a closed wiki is unlocked. Though the requirements were not met, it was approved because there will be a workshop in Bhubaneswar, India where the Oriya projects will be promoted and because re-opening a wiki is easy.
  • The Northern Sotho Wikipedia has been approved, but waiting for creation (bug 30882).
  • The Lezgi Wikipedia and Tachelhit Wikipedia can be approved if someone who can verify the content is found.


  • The language code "als" (assigned to Tosk Albanian) is misused by Alemannic [gsw]. The should be moved (see bug 23215), but User:Terfili submitted an ISO 639-3 change request to create an Alemannic macrolanguage "aeg" including the current code "gsw". If that passes, the wiki would likely be moved to