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Grupo de Trabajo de Desarrollo de Liderazgos/Actualizaciones

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This page is a translated version of the page Leadership Development Working Group/Updates and the translation is 38% complete.

Esta página contiene las notas de las reuniones del grupo de trabajo y cualquier otra noticia o actualización.

junio de 2023 Fechas de reuniones de grupo
  • 1 de junio
  • 8 de junio
  • 15 de junio
  • 22 de junio
  • 29 de junio


June has been an eventful month! The working group closed the community feedback period about the Leadership Development Plan (LDP), analyzed the results, and incorporated the input into the resource. Group members also discussed the future of implementation and of the working group itself. They also published a summary of feedback and next steps.


The working group was meant to convene for a 1-year term to work on 3 goals: 1) draft a definition of leadership, 2) draft a leadership development plan, and 3) support the implementation of the leadership development plan. Now that the 1-year term is reaching an end, they have decided to move forward with the implementation of the LDP in a more decentralized, localized manner. The working group of 15 members will conclude its work by the end of June 2023, and a smaller group of members within LDWG who are interested and able to continue will stay until September 2023. This subgroup will spend its time determining potential implementation steps and encouraging the use of the Leadership Development Plan. Several working group members will also attend Wikimania to host sessions and connect with community members about leadership development.

To commemorate the year of work, full of collaboration and laughter, the working group spent their last meeting altogether appreciating each other!

About 16 people took part in some video-conference meeting.

mayo de 2023 Fechas de reuniones de grupo
  • 4 de mayo
  • 11 de mayo
  • 18 de mayo
  • 25 de mayo


In May, the working group published the draft Leadership Development Plan and invited community feedback! The Leadership Development Plan contains three sections:

Community members can read the summary for a quicker overview or go directly to the resource to access it in full.

Trabajo en curso

After the feedback period closed on May 28, working group members began synthesizing the input and improving the draft based on the feedback collected. They plan to publish an updated version of the Leadership Development Plan. The working group is also discussing next steps regarding the implementation of the plan. More to come soon!

abril de 2023 Fechas de reuniones de grupo
  • 6 de abril
  • 13 de abril
  • 20 de abril
  • 27 de abril


In April, the working group completed drafting the Leadership Development Plan. Since drafts were written in subgroups, there was remaining work to refine and connect the separate drafts. To complete this work efficiently, group members solicited the support of WMF’s Community Development team. Group members also spent April looking ahead into the future. With their 1-year term concluding in June, they discussed the implementation of the Leadership Development Plan and other future possibilities. Group members were excited about the possibilities for putting leadership development into practice.


In order to prevent burnout and allow for strategic thinking, the working group decided to have the Community Development team help unify and polish their separate drafts. At the end of April, the unified draft was “returned” to the working group for final review and agreement.

Trabajo en curso

The working group members will review and finalize the Leadership Development Plan before publishing it for community feedback. The first weeks of May will be spent finalizing the Plan and preparing for the community review period.

marzo de 2023 Fechas de reuniones de grupo
  • 2 de marzo
  • 9 de marzo
  • 16 de marzo
  • 23 de marzo
  • 30 de marzo


In March, the working group continued writing the Leadership Development Plan. This included many discussions, online research, revisions, and feedback. Drafting a resource – especially online and internationally – is no small task! The working group is in the middle of the writing process.

March has also been a busy month for several members of the group due to other commitments and occasions like the start of Ramadan. This has given the group an opportunity to openly and honestly discuss their working dynamics, accountabilities, and progress. The visual below captures the working group’s journey so far (also available in Russian and Spanish).

Leadership Development Working Group Map Journey English

Fun fact: birds flocking together is a beautiful analogy for collective leadership. Birds flocking remind us that we are stronger together. Inspired, the Leadership Development Working Group adopted the imagery of birds flocking together for their logo.

Trabajo en curso

The drafting work continues!

febrero de 2023 Fechas de reuniones de grupo
  • 2 de febrero
  • 9 de febrero
  • 16 de febrero
  • 23 de febrero


In February, the group continued working on the Leadership Development Plan. They closed a research period at the beginning of the month and spent February analyzing and discussing the findings from the survey data. In addition, the working group members met weekly in subgroups to work on their respective sections of the Leadership Development Plan. Group 1 is documenting various leadership roles and skills present in our movement, with the intention to help community members identify themselves and their areas of leadership growth within the Wikimedia ecosystem. Group 2 is outlining recommended steps to build a leadership development program, with the intent that this resource helps community trainers, facilitators, and mentors create effective leadership development initiatives. Group 3 is focusing on offering perspective and guidance on relevant leadership topics (e.g. toxic leadership, burnout, and equity). Finally, Group 4 is looking ahead and holistically, proposing possible next steps for the implementation of the Plan.

The working group also had the opportunity to share updates with community members at two community calls: first at the Community Development Community Call and second at the conversation session with Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees’ "Community Affairs Committee" (CAC). In both sessions, the group received positive responses to the work they have done and the progress they have made in less than a year of working together.

Lastly, the working group saw a membership change with the departure of Rae (US + Canada).

Trabajo en curso

The group plans to share a draft of the Leadership Development Plan for community review in the upcoming months and is busy working to make this possible. The group continues their weekly check-ins and subgroup work, which includes researching, incorporating feedback, and writing the Leadership Development Plan.

enero de 2023 Fechas de reuniones de grupo
  • 5 de enero
  • 12 de enero
  • 19 de enero
  • 26 de enero


After a December pause to refresh and re-energize, the working group reconvened in early January and resumed their work on the Leadership Development Plan. This month, the group began a research phase to collect community insights about leadership that will inform the writing of the Plan. The group shared 3 surveys according to 3 audience categories: 1) People who do work related to organizing, coordinating or governance, 2) People who train, facilitate or mentor, and 3) Active and engaged community members who want to improve their leadership. The survey was shared in 6 languages across the 8 regions.

In parallel with research, the group set up subgroups for working on the content of the Leadership Development Plan. The subgroups will allow the members to work efficiently and semi-autonomously. They will continue to convene on a weekly basis as a whole group to share updates, cross-share learnings and exchange feedback.


The group decided that the Leadership Development Plan will be written as a resource kit with helpful suggestions, information, and support for community members interested in improving leadership abilities in themselves and others. Though the topics (and their wording) may change as more progress is made, the group determined 4 themes to frame the Plan:

  • How to build successful leaders
  • How to build a leadership development program
  • Specific aspects of leadership (e.g. burnout, diversity, passing on knowledge)
  • Possibilities for leadership development that require further attention

Trabajo en curso

The working group continues collecting responses during the research period which closes on February 3. In February, group members will analyze and incorporate the data and begin drafting the Leadership Development Plan.

noviembre de 2022 Fechas de reuniones de grupo
  • 3 de noviembre
  • 10 de noviembre
  • 17 de noviembre
  • 24 de noviembre


In November, the working group published a summary of feedback. This summary highlighted the main themes of the feedback received during the September-October feedback period. The summary also includes revisions made to the leadership definition. You can read the summary of feedback on Diff and Meta-wiki in 13 languages.

In the weekly meetings this month, the group discussed their approach to drafting the Leadership Development Plan. A “prototype” of the Leadership Development Plan was created with the purpose of helping the group align and more concretely imagine the future end-state of the Plan. This prototype included a proposal of the goals, audiences, and content of the Plan. The proposals were discussed and consent decision-making was used to agree on the direction of work.

The group also started planning for a short research phase that will inform the Leadership Development Plan. This included determining the focus of the research, deciding on the outreach approach, and preparing research materials.

Lastly, in the past two months, working group members attended and presented at regional conferences. Donia in the MENA region represented the Leadership Development Working Group at WikiArabia while Goodness and Isaac in the Sub-Saharan Africa region represented the group at WikiIndaba. Anthony from the ESEAP region attended the ESEAP Conference as well. The working group members continue to share their work within their regions and communities. The group plans to participate in upcoming conferences in 2023.


The working group agreed on the need to conduct research before drafting the Leadership Development Plan. The goal of the research phase is to better understand movement leadership needs and experiences. The information collected will be used to draft a Plan that is useful and relevant to those who want to improve leadership abilities in themselves and others.

In the research phase, the working group intends to collect information from various community groups and individuals according to three audience groups: 1) People who do work related to organizing, coordinating or governance, 2) People who train, facilitate or mentor, and 3) Active and engaged community members who want to improve their leadership. The research phase will begin in January 2023.

Finally, the group will take a break to recharge in the month of December and will reconvene in early January 2023.

Trabajo en curso

The working group continues to discuss the contents of the Plan and prepare for the research phase. They will take a well-deserved break in December after six months of intensive work together.

octubre de 2022 Fechas de reuniones de grupo
  • 6 de octubre
  • 13 de octubre
  • 20 de octubre
  • 27 de octubre


In October, the working group closed the feedback period, which invited community members to share their feedback about the draft leadership definition. The group received responses through the surveys (shared in 14 languages), Movement Strategy Forum, talk page, local community calls, and email. A subgroup reviewed each response, clustered common themes, and revised the definition based on the feedback. In general, the feedback was positive, with a majority of responders agreeing with the definition. The group received feedback about certain phrases or sentences of the definition, for example, the words “complex,” “phenomenon,” and “release ideas” were debated. The group also received questions about the usage and context of the definition. Some community members asked, “How can one use this definition?” and, “In what contexts does this definition apply?”

After incorporating feedback, the working group published a revised definition. The revision includes a supplementary text that answers common questions and provides more context to the definition. At the end of October, the working group also hosted two global community calls to share the revised definition, listen to community stories of leadership, and engage in open discussion with community members. The group is celebrating this major milestone! They drafted and published a shared definition of leadership, accomplishing one of their goals.


The group recognizes that the leadership definition is not static. It will continue to evolve and improve with new movement insights and experiences. Acknowledging this, the group will move forward and focus on the next goal: drafting a leadership development plan.

Trabajo en curso

The working group is writing a summary of feedback and plans to publish this in November. In the following weeks, the group will discuss and prepare for the next phase of work related to the leadership development plan.

septiembre de 2022 Fechas de reuniones de grupo
  • 1 de septiembre
  • 9 de septiembre
  • 15 de septiembre
  • 22 de septiembre
  • 29 de septiembre


In September, the working group published the draft leadership definition and hosted a feedback period. Read the announcement on Meta-wiki, Diff or Movement Strategy Forum. The purpose of a leadership definition is to develop a movement-wide, shared understanding of leadership. With a shared understanding and vocabulary, the working group believes that there will be better coordination, alignment, and mobilization of local groups and individuals pursuing leadership development initiatives. This definition will also inform the next phase of the working group’s work, which includes drafting a leadership development plan.

Feedback about the draft definition was collected in 13 languages through multiple channels: a survey, Movement Strategy Forum, Meta-wiki talk page, and email. The working group members also collected feedback on an ad hoc basis through local and regional community calls. Feedback was iteratively analyzed, discussed and incorporated into the draft definition and other aspects of the group’s work.

Additionally, the group saw membership transitions: welcoming Anthony (ESEAP representative) and seeing the departure of Imelda (ESEAP representative).


The working group plans to host community calls at the end of October in order to discuss the feedback collected and learn more about existing leadership initiatives in communities. The group recognizes that the definition can evolve after this initial feedback period. Keeping this in mind, they plan to launch the next phase of work during the community calls in October, which includes learning more about the existing leadership initiatives and gaps in the communities. The intention of this next phase of work is to conduct leadership mapping research which will inform the leadership development plan.

Trabajo en curso

The group is analyzing and incorporating feedback. They plan to host community calls and share a revised definition next month. The group is also preparing for a research period to collect and map leadership initiatives and gaps in the movement.

agosto de 2022 Fechas de reuniones de grupo
  • 4 de agosto
  • 11 de agosto
  • 18 de agosto
  • 25 de agosto

En agosto, el grupo de trabajo alcanzó un hito importante al presentar su trabajo por primera vez en Wikimania 2022. El grupo organizó una sesión titulada "Liderazgo en Wikimedia" que consistió en una mesa redonda en la que participaron 6 de sus miembros: Nitesh Gill, Goodness Ignatius, Francesc Fort, Jan Lukas Hobrock, Nada Alfarra y Rae Adimer. Los panelistas hablaron del propósito y los objetivos del grupo de trabajo, de la importancia del liderazgo y de los avances del grupo. También hablaron de las oportunidades de participación de las comunidades. A la sesión asistieron 60 miembros del público y hubo varias preguntas del público. Para más información, consulte la grabación de la sesión [1].

Además, el grupo experimentó transiciones entre sus miembros: la bienvenida a Ryuch (representante de ESEAP); el regreso de Nada (representante de Oriente Medio y Norte de África), que hizo una pausa momentánea, y la salida de Gnangarra (representante de ESEAP), que ha pasado a desempeñar un papel de asesor informal.

Por último, el grupo ha estado finalizando el borrador de la definición y preparando una convocatoria para comentarios. En esta convocatoria se compartirá el borrador de la definición de liderazgo y se invitará a las comunidades a aportar sus comentarios y sugerencias de mejora.

El grupo ha decidido que su plan de divulgación tendrá un enfoque multicanal y multilingüe para llegar a diferentes audiencias durante el periodo de solicitud de opiniones. Han dividido su trabajo de preparación de la divulgación en varias líneas de trabajo, donde diferentes miembros del grupo se encargan de cada una de ellas para distribuirlas y coordinarlas eficazmente.

Trabajo en curso

El grupo se está preparando para la convocatoria de comentarios que se lanzará en septiembre.

julio de 2022 Fechas de reuniones de grupo
  • 7 de julio
  • 15 de julio
  • 20 de julio
  • 29 de julio

En julio, el grupo de trabajo se centró en la redacción de una definición compartida de liderazgo. Una vez redactada, esta definición se compartirá ampliamente con las comunidades para que puedan hacer sus aportaciones. Para crear este borrador de definición, el grupo reflexionó sobre las experiencias y actividades de sus comunidades (lingüísticas, geográficas, de proyectos, etc.). Se contaron y analizaron las historias individuales para enraizarlas en la definición estas experiencias reales. Los miembros del grupo debatieron diferentes términos asociados al liderazgo, como visión y empatía. Se dieron cuenta de que términos como "resiliencia" y "empoderamiento" tienen diferentes significados y asociaciones según el contexto de cada persona. Reflexionamos sobre la pluralidad del movimiento Wikimedia: no hay una sola "manera Wikimedia", sino diferentes formas de trabajar e interactuar. En general, el grupo acordó que la definición de liderazgo debe tener en cuenta estas diferencias y permitir la flexibilidad. El grupo llevó a cabo un proceso iterativo de varias fases para redactar, alinear y consensuar un conjunto de definiciones. Se trabajó en pequeños grupos y en parejas para incluir sus diferentes perspectivas y comunidades específicas en la construcción de la definición. Su objetivo en este proceso era garantizar que la definición que redactaron tuviera en cuenta los matices y la relevancia de las palabras incluidas.

El grupo se encuentra en las últimas fases para acordar un conjunto de definiciones. Este conjunto de definiciones incluye una definición amplia y otras subdefiniciones. La definición amplia proporciona una descripción general del liderazgo y las subdefiniciones adicionales detallan las cualidades particulares del liderazgo. Este conjunto de definiciones se compartirá con las comunidades para que hagan sus aportaciones una vez que el borrador esté terminado.

Trabajo en curso

El grupo está finalizando el borrador de la definición y está creando un plan de divulgación a la comunidad, que incluye la forma en la que pretenden solicitar opiniones sobre la definición.

junio de 2022

Fechas de reuniones de grupo

  • 3 de junio
  • 10 de junio
  • 17 de junio
  • 24 de junio
  • 30 de junio

El 15-member Grupo de Trabajo de Desarrollo de Liderazgos (o LDWG, por sus siglas en inglés) se reunió por primera vez este mes. Se reunió semanalmente y continuó sus debates de forma asíncrona a través de un chat de grupo y otras herramientas de trabajo. Las reuniones y el chat de grupo fueron organizados por la facilitadora del grupo, Jyotsna, con el apoyo de dos intérpretes, Andy (español) y Anna (ruso), y dos miembros del equipo de Desarrollo Comunitario, Cassie y Beverly.

  • Este mes el grupo se centró en tres áreas: conocerse, establecer la forma de trabajar juntos y acordar el propósito, la visión y los objetivos del grupo. También se comenzó a compartir perspectivas y definiciones de liderazgo basadas en sus experiencias en el movimiento. En la primera reunión, los miembros del grupo compartieron su entusiasmo por colaborar y por trabajar en el desarrollo del liderazgo. Hubo mucho aprecio y respeto por la diversidad del grupo y el apoyo multilingüe disponible. Los miembros del grupo apreciaron la importancia de las diferentes perspectivas y comunidades representadas en el grupo. Hubo consenso en que apoyar el desarrollo del liderazgo es importante para el futuro del movimiento.

El grupo de trabajo está utilizando la toma de decisiones basada en el consentimiento para guiar sus decisiones. También se reconoce que las decisiones son iterativas y están sujetas a cambios basados en nueva información.

  • Trabajo en grupo: los miembros del grupo se pusieron de acuerdo sobre la finalidad del tiempo sincrónico y asincrónico. Debido a las diferencias horarias, a las razones de accesibilidad y a las apretadas agendas, los miembros decidieron que, para progresar y dar a todos la oportunidad de participar, el tiempo asíncrono se dedicará a redactar ideas, investigar, escribir y pensar en solitario o en pequeños grupos. Las sesiones sincrónicas se dedicarán a debatir, hacer preguntas, crear consenso, tomar decisiones y crear confianza y conexión dentro del grupo.
  • Propósito - el grupo se preguntó: ¿por qué estamos aquí? Los miembros acordaron estas respuestas como propósito común:
    • "Porque creemos que el desarrollo del liderazgo conduce a la descentralización del poder y garantiza la inclusión de las diversidades".
    • Porque queremos hacer del movimiento un lugar en el que los grupos nuevos, pequeños y desaventajados (emergentes) y las personas que quieran unirse y crecer se sientan capacitadas para hacerlo.
      • Esto incluye a las mujeres y a otros grupos que históricamente han estado poco representados en el liderazgo del movimiento.
  • Visión - el grupo se planteó la siguiente pregunta: ¿qué futuro queremos conseguir? Los miembros se pusieron de acuerdo en esta visión común:
    • "Como resultado del quehacer del Grupo de Trabajo de Desarrollo del Liderazgo, los miembros del movimiento en todo el Wikimediaverso poseen una comprensión del liderazgo y de cómo nutrirlo en ellos mismos, en otras personas y en sus comunidades".
  • Objetivos - se debatió y acordó tres objetivos del grupo de trabajo:
    1. Elaborar una definición compartida de liderazgo
    2. Crear un plan de desarrollo del liderazgo
    3. Guiar la aplicación o implementación del desarrollo del liderazgo

Trabajo en curso
El grupo se centrará las próximas semanas en el primer objetivo: redactar una definición compartida de liderazgo.