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Learning Calendar[edit]

  • January:
    • Program Evaluation report: what was done, what's next, what was observered
    • Evaluation tools available (written piece)
  • February:
    • How to be a great IEG Grantee
    • Tracking and reporting tools
  • March:
    • Setting SMART goals
    • Communicating the story of your Annual Plan (FDC)
  • April:
    • Program Case Study Showcase!
  • May:
    • Surveys and other tools

Topic Ideas[edit]

  • Wikimetrics
  • Qualtrics / surveys
  • Learning patterns
Telling your story (grants!)
  • How to write a grant proposal (timed with submission)
  • How to write a grant report
  • How to draw graphs (and add them to your report!)
  • How to create a blog post about a grant’s outcomes.
Program execution
  • Setting goals + assigning roles within teams
  • How to manage funds
  • (Program Eval) best practices / showcasing of certain programs
Organizational effectiveness
  • COI
  • Organizational development overview