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Learning and Evaluation/Global Data & Insights/Annual Plan FY2021

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Theory of Change


With the goal of improving Wikimedia projects and the free knowledge movement, our team fosters a culture of learning and promotes the use of evaluation to improve planning and make decisions informed by data. To do this, we provide opportunities and resources for Foundation and movement organizers to learn from our global data and contributor experiences.

Foundation Data & Insights


Annual Plan OKRs - Foundation Data & Insights: Improve the effectiveness and equity of Foundation-led programs and events by collecting, collating, and reporting on data that helps us evaluate program inputs, outputs, and outcomes so that leaders have insights to shape planning and funding decisions.

1. Design and roll out 2 data dashboards that are used by at least 50% of Foundation departments to improve data-based decision making

2. Assemble an analyst Community of Practice that meets regularly to tackle a shared data challenge and measurably increases cohesion among Foundation analysts (according to a monthly group survey)

3. Collect valid data (at least a 65% response rate) about the outcomes of Foundation-led events, capacity-building workshops, and grants so that program leads have insights about progress towards our Thriving Movement objectives

4. Support teamwide data collection planning, reporting, and metrics alignment for key data projects in order to deliver high quality reports and tools for effective data use.

Movement Data & Insights


Annual Plan OKRs - Movement Data & Insights: Collect, analyze, and share data on the demographics, needs, and experiences of movement participants to inform ongoing decision making and determine whether we are meeting Foundation goals related to a thriving movement and so that ultimately, we can create a more equitable movement.

1. Collect data about demographics, needs, and experiences from a representative sample of movement participants (individual contributors and affiliates) so we can identify inequities and correct them.

2. Support affiliates to submit required data to the Wikimedia Affiliates Data Portal, ending the year with 100% adoption so that the Foundation has the data it needs about affiliates to make decisions about funding and support levels.

3. Provide one data report per quarter about the Wikimedia Movement