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Learning and Evaluation/News/Learning Day for Wikimania Esino Lario/Project Management Tools & Support

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Project Management tools & Support

Session abstract
This session will give participants a better understanding of the project management cycle and how project management works in their contexts. It will provide opportunities for learning about and adopting specific tools, which will be prevented by peer experts.

Specific learning objectives

Experience gain a better understanding of the project management cycle and identify challenges and future learning goals specific to their contexts. Identifying specific project management tools to explore or adopt, that are discussed by peer experts.

Session Format: Discussion and short talks

  • Type of session room:
  • Amount of time required: Planning for 75 minutes although we could do this in a shorter time with fewer topics.
  • Potential participant-collaborators:

Teaching Lead(s):
User:KHarold (WMF)



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