Learning and Evaluation/Plan your program metrics/Awareness of content needs

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Learning and Evaluation

Awareness of Content Needs

Goal: Make it easier for editors to evaluate and track article quality
Example Programs, Projects, or Events
  • allow readers and editors to submit actionable ratings of article quality and keep track of the status of articles over time
  • make it easier for readers and new and experienced editors to engage in discussions around articles
  • find content or category gaps

Measurement Tool


Number of organizing and supporting staff and volunteers (ambassadors, mentors etc.)

Count of supporting staff and volunteers

Meeting Records, Logs, Reported estimates

Hours invested by staff and volunteers organizing and executing

Estimate of hours invested

Calendar Records, Logs, Reported estimates

In-kind donations (prizes, etc),

Estimated value in currency (comparable cost)

Funds or money used

Budget accounting

Budget spreadsheet

Participant pool to draw volunteer editors from


Project or event page or other participant log

Measurement Tool


Number of participants involved in the project or program event

Count of total number of participants

Project or event page or other participant tracking

Interactions between editors

Number of talk page posts

Wikimetrics, edits or bytes added (Namespaces 1,3,7,9,11,13,15)

Number of events (editathons, writing contests, etc.) surfacing content areas for improvement

Count of events by type and the needs surfaced

Program documentation and narrative reporting

Number of Wikimedia projects surfacing media content improved

Count of Wikimedia projects using, and images used, on Wikimedia projects


Measurement Tool

Short term outcomes

Number of people engaged in providing feedback

Reader satisfaction

Number of bytes added to articles marked for improvement

Turnover rates of articles marked for improvement (i.e., how long before changed)

Percent of images used

Total images in category divided by unique images used


Measurement Tool

Intermediate outcomes

Quality of images

Count of images with quality rating templates on their file namespace related learning pattern


Quality of Articles in a target category

Count of Articles in a category with quality rating templates on their file namespace


Readership growth

Number of page views (or unique visitors) on articles with increased sourcing increases