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Learning and Evaluation/Plan your program metrics/References and sources

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Learning and Evaluation

References and Sources

Goal: Increase the number of high-quality sources in articles
Example Programs, Projects, or Events
  • increase AWARENESS of the importance of sources; of the importance of reliable sources
  • Make sources AVAILABLE for editors
  • make it EASIER TO ADD a good source (citation, image, etc.) to an article

Measurement Tool


Number of organizing and supporting staff and volunteers (ambassadors, mentors etc.)

Count of supporting staff and volunteers

Meeting Records, Logs, Reported estimates

Hours invested by staff and volunteers organizing and executing

Estimate of hours invested

Calendar Records, Logs, Reported estimates

In-kind donations (prizes, etc),

Estimated value in currency (comparable cost)

Funds or money used

Budget accounting

Budget spreadsheet

Measurement Tool


Number of sources made available

Number of tools created to facilitate the adding of citations

Number of editors using the sources

Measurement Tool

Short term outcomes

Number of sources added/used in Wikipedia articles

Proprtion of articles with citations increases

Satisfaction of contributors increases

Satisfaction of readers increases

Number of Wikipedians adding sources (or # of NEW Wikipedians adding sources)

Measurement Tool

Intermediate outcomes

( Quality of articles improves )

proportion of articles without "citation needed" templates decreases

( Readership increases )

Number of page views (or unique visitors) on articles with increased sourcing increases

Number of content downloads

Number of times pages are linked externally (blogs, websites, national news sites etc.)