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Learning and Evaluation/Question Bank/Motivation to Contribute

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Learning and Evaluation

Survey goal
Motivation to Contribute

Current motivations to contribute

To what extent has participating in this [program/project/event] changed your level of motivation to contribute in the future?

  • Greatly increased
  • Moderately increased
  • Slightly increased
  • Did not change
  • Somewhat decreased
  • Moderately decreased
  • Greatly decreased

In what ways, if any, has participating in this program/project/event increased your motivation to contribute to wikimedia projects in the future?


To what extent are you currently motivated to edit Wikipedia (or any other Wikimedia project)?

  • Not at all (I did not take this course to learn to edit Wikipedia)
  • Somewhat (I am curious to learn more about how to edit Wikipedia)
  • Moderately (I am looking forward to learning how to edit and trying it out)
  • Quite a bit (I am excited to make quality contributions as part of this course)
  • Very Much (I am excited to make quality contributions beyond this course)

How likely is it that you will edit Wikipedia in the next three months?

  • I do not plan to edit Wikipedia after this course
  • I may occasionally edit when I see a grammatical error or formatting problem
  • I plan to continue to contribute during special events (e.g., edit-a-thons and Wikipedia workshops)
  • I plan to contribute content to Wikipedia in my areas of interest or expertise
  • I consider myself to be a member of the Wikipedia community and wish to contribute in many ways
Follow-up: Why or Why not?