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A learning pattern foreditathons
Creating an article right away
problemThe learning curve for creating articles is far too high.
solutionUsing a template and a very specific subject can allow editors to create an article as their first edit.
created on04:19, 6 June 2015 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?[edit]

New users are incredibly intimidated by creating new articles. Everything from formatting to categorization is difficult to learn. Working to correct systemic bias by creating new articles is therefore not a common task for new users, though it very well could be. Also, when it is, these articles are often deleted because the policies and norms are incredibly overwhelming.

What is the solution?[edit]

The solution to this is laid out in the Systemic Bias Kit. Creating a template for a type of article - a biography is easiest but other templates can work - is an easy way for newbies to see everything that is necessary for creating an article. This template includes reliable sources, statements of notability, and all relevant formatting.

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