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Learning patterns/Edit-a-thon Meetup Takeover

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A learning pattern foreditathons
Edit-a-thon Meetup Takeover
problemCreating subject content without subject experts
solutionTakeover a regular Wikipedian Meetup
created on22:22, 30 December 2021 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?[edit]

The problem to solve was to generate specialist content in Wikipedia and Wikidata with existing editors using their already dedicated two hours from a scheduled Wikipedia Meetup time. The content was New Zealand performing arts.

What is the solution?[edit]

1. Getting a couple others onboard with the 'takeover' (3 - 4 weeks out)
2. Creating a running order and focus and updating the Meetup page (two weeks out)
3. Creating and curating a short list of potential articles to create or edit and ensuring resources are available on the day
4. During the event directing people to what to focus on / where to edit / assigning challenges. Answering questions and helping with subject areas.

Things to consider[edit]

  • Prior agreement from others in the regular group is required.
  • It created a fun atmosphere of collegiality and people were proud of their contributions.
  • The fact it was an unusal occurance and people were finding out about a subject they doidn't know much about supported the events success.
  • This could be done maybe once or twice a year (the group meets monthly). Participants enjoyed the fact we were editing, when usually a lot of our meeting involves updating each other and asking questions
  • A short lead in is good.

When to use[edit]

A subject area needing a boost is a good time to use this pattern. This was right at the beginning of my Wikimedia Foundation funded project Performing Arts Aotearoa Wikiproject In this example it gave a good sense of achievement to people who wanted to support my overall project without them needed to find the time. It expanded the subject area and piqued the interest of those involved.

Another time to use this pattern is for new edit-a-thon leaders to learn about running an event. The organistaion aspect is quite low so the learning can focus on about how to run an edit-a-thon in a subject area. I didn't need to teach people about Wikipedia or editing so I learnt about how I introduced the topic, how I lead people to editing, and how difficult some things are for others that I thought would be simple and quick. This in part is because lack of context makes searching for information harder. In part some things were difficult because the goal was to increase content for POC and women in performing arts and there are less references available.

This is the link to the takeover project page


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