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Learning patterns/Edit 1 and Challenge 1

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Edit #1 and Challenge #1
problemParticipation hasn't increased in the past seven years.
solutionEdit #1 and Challenge #1.
created on29 May, 2014

What problem does this solve?


New editors are too intimidated to make there first edit.

What is the solution?

  • Please pick a friend who has never edited before.
  • Ask them to make an edit. Any edit in any language.
  • Please have them write one paragraph about their experience.
  • Have them send it to lila at wikimedia dot org with the subject: #1 [1]

General considerations

  • Overall I wish I had this on video. It is a bit like an experience of a kid making their first goal. Exhilarating.

When to use

  • Anytime you encounter someone who starts talking about Wikipedia, and who has never edited before.



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