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Learning patterns/Fear of editing

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Fear of editing
problemEven with an Oxford degree, I don't feel qualified to edit.
solutionReduce the barrier to enter the community of editors.
created on11 September, 2014

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This Learning Pattern was handwritten during Wikimania 2014
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What problem does this solve?[edit]

«I have a degree from Oxford and I don't feel qualified to edit. Sure others feel the same and could contribute a lot of knowledge.»
«Ditto from Cambridge! I find the extensive use of jargon and initials intimidating. If you turn up as a newbie, other editors are friendly, but they assume you know stuff already. This is not possible without immersion in the organization.»

What is the solution?[edit]

«Reduce the barrier to enter by making our knowledge feel relevant.»

New users should look for help in projects like en:Wikipedia:Teahouse, where experienced editors guide new users in the essentials of contributing, as well as other aspects to editing Wikipedia.

«Just try! I had the same feeling while editing in my field of expertise. Get used to wiki life by doing small edits in other areas that interest you. I think after a while you'll feel and realize anything you do is actually useful. Give it a try and stick with us! =) » (posted by ESM)

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