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Das ist ein Learning Pattern fürGLAM
How to create a campaign on Commons
ProblemA campaign on Wikimedia Commons has two goals: first, it is about generating easier access to photos of a certain institution or theme; second, participants of the campaign already have the category added to the photos they upload and can easily find all their files grouped in one place.
LösungIn order for new users to upload files that are easy to find later on, we create a campaign on Wikimedia Commons, which both results in a good tool and also generates a sense of belonging in this Wikimedia project.
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What problem does this solve?

Wikimedia Commons has over 27 million files in stock, and many can get lost if they are not well categorized. In order to avoid images, audio files and videos to disappear amongst millions of files in this platform, we retort to Wikimedia Commons campaigns. We turn to this tool in response to a specific need: to find a series of files uploaded in response to a challenge, contest, open call or partnership with a GLAM institution, and compel a specific category use for those files.

Was ist die Lösung?

In order to create a campaign on Wikimedia Commons, an editor must be a “Campaign Editor”, since it is not a right granted to any user. In order to get this right, you need to request it to an admin user of Wikimedia Commons. The process to create a campaign is easy:

  • Type on the search box: Campaign:Name of the campaign you want to use.
  • Click on “Create” tab, on the top right corner.
  • Find another campaign and copy the wikimarkup.
  • Paste the wiki markup and replace the name of the campaign with your new campaign that you are creating. Add the corresponding categories where the template requests it.
  • Once you are done, click save, and the campaign is created!

Creating a campaign allows you to save all files of the same GLAM institution, open call or contest in the same place. It also helps to generate a sense of belonging to users who participate in those activities.

When to use

This pattern is perfect to use in contest with an audience who doesn´t know how to use Wikimedia Commons.
For example:

This pattern works to generate an easier access to files of a certain institution.


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