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Learning patterns/How to set the number of images in an article and preserve the quality

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A learning pattern foreducation
How to set the number of images in an article and preserve the quality
problemHow to teach primary students how to position their own pictures to improve Wikipedia articles.
solutionTo stablish a guideline of how to improve Wikipedia articles by positioning images for primary students.

What problem does this solve?[edit]

Wikipedia is a education resource already in the classroom, but if you want the students to learn how to use responsibly and teachers use it as a teaching tool, you need to organize fun activities.
When working with primary school children , one of the activities that give better results is to turn them into local photographers and use their pictures to decorate articles in Wikipedia.
Thus, this kind of activity allows the students to not only improve an article with a picture, but to improve other students' skills: they need to read the article, decide where to place the picture critically etc.

But what happens when a lot of students have similar images?

From Wikimedia Argentina we propose the following guidelines/rules to preserve the quality of the Wikipedia's articles by mantaining the balance regarding the number of images within the articles.

What is the solution?[edit]

Before starting the activity , teach the students the following rules regarding Wikipedia articles :

1. Help them review the history page, where they can find the number of byttes in the article they want to improve.

2. Define the possible number of images in an article as follows:
Articles less than 3000 bytes
2 relevant images max.
Articles from 3000 to 15000 bytes
2 to 5 images
Articles over 15000 bytes
5 to 10 images
Referring to articles artwork of any type or of popular content: in these cases, a gallery of images highly supports the content. The gallery must include The most representative work on the topic of the article . An article can not be a gallery of images .

3. Teach the students how to find other alternatives using articles' categories.

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When to use[edit]

When organizing activities that include primary students.


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