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Learning patterns/Learning question

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Global metrics learning question
problemDid your work increase the motivation of contributors? How do you know?
solutionUse surveys to measure participant satisfaction, or encourage participants to reflect on their experience in their own words.
creatorEGalvez (WMF)
created on26 August, 2014

Global Metrics
This learning pattern one of seven Global metrics.

What problem does this solve?


This is a learning pattern to give you ideas for measuring whether your event, program or project motivated contributors.

What is the solution?


Some Definitions

Contributors is anyone who is involved in some way in a Wikimedia Project, such as editors, administrators, volunteers who upload photos, etc.

How to measure

Online Events
e.g. Wikipedia Adventure, International Hackathon
In-person Events
e.g. Editing workshop, Local Editathon
Option 1. A survey question

To what extent has this event/project/program motivated you to continue contributing to Wikimedia projects?

  • Not at all
  • Somewhat
  • Moderately
  • Quite a bit
  • Very much

For other survey questions around motivation, visit the Survey Bank

For most online events, you can create a survey using Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Qualtrics, or some other tool. If you are more experienced with building on-wiki tools, you can create your own survey or polling tool that asks about motivation. For in-person events, you can:
  • Give participants a link to a survey
  • Include this question in a printed survey
Option 2. A show of hands or a poll

Add something like the following to an event page:
Sign your username below if you feel this event has motivated you to contribute!

For an in-person event where a survey may not be appropriate, try asking the room:

  • Who feels motivated to keep editing? (count hands raised)
  • Who here wants will make an edit in the next week? (count hands raised)
  • In the next month? (count hands raised)
Option 3. Your Own Idea
If you have your own idea for gathering this information, go for it! But make sure to share this in your reports or results

General considerations


When to use




See also

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  7. Learning question: Did your work increase the motivation of contributors, and how do you know?