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Learning patterns/Number of images or media used in Wikimedia projects

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Number of images or media used in Wikimedia projects
problemMedia contributions are most valuable when they are integrated into Wikimedia projects.
solutionReport how, where, and how much the media files you contributed have been used.
creatorEGalvez (WMF)
created on26 August, 2014

Global Metrics
This learning pattern one of seven Global metrics.

What problem does this solve?


This learning pattern is for the global metric to obtain the total number of images or media used on Wikimedia articles (or main namespace).



The growth of image upload contests and events have grown in the last few years. It is great to have many images that can be used in commons. However, embedding the images into other projects, like the Wikipedias, Wikivoyage, or Wikisource, would increase the quality of the other projects.

What is the solution?


Some definitions

Images or media USED signifies that an image or media is present in a Wikimedia project other than Wikimedia Commons.
Main namespace is the article namespace, and is always labeled as namespace 0. (read more here)

How to measure

1. Create a Category in Commons
2. Use GLAMorous tool to get your data"
Use GLAMorous to see how many images from your event, project or program are used in Wikimedia projects.
  • Category should include just the name of the category you created. Do not include "Category:"
  • Make sure "Main namespace only" is checked
  • Search Depth should be 0
  • All Projects should be checked.
  • After you click "Do It!", report the number after Distinct images used. Total images in the category can be found just after the "Do It!" button.

Other Ways to Report

  • If total number of images uploaded is important for your program, you may report a proportion of distinct images used over the total images uploaded; you must show your work in the "explanation" column. For example, if your event had 5,000 images uploaded to commons and 10 were used in wikimedia projects, the number for the global metric is 0.002. In the "explanation" column, you would include the equation: 10 distinct images used / 5,000 images uploaded, or you can use a sentence: Of the 5,000 distinct images uploaded to commons from the event, 10 were used in wikimedia projects.

General considerations

  • This metric is one of 6 Global Metrics in the Learning patterns
  • Global metrics is just a few of the suggested metrics for program evaluation. There may be other measures you can use for your program.

When to use


Number of images or media used in Wikimedia projects is one of six metrics designated by the Wikimedia Foundation's Grantmaking team as a Global Metric. The reason these metrics have been specified is to be able to have a summary of all the participation or content that can be attributed to the programs.



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