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Learning patterns/Preparation to be carried out for EduWiki programs

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A learning pattern foreducation
Preparation to be carried out for EduWiki programs
problemWith an ease EduWiki programs can be conducted effectively.
solutionThis learning pattern helps EduWiki collaborators to know about preparation to be carried out for conducting Wikipedia in education outreach programs.
creatorTulsi Bhagat
created on30 July, 2021

What problem does this solve?[edit]

When it comes to conduct EduWiki programs for Wikipedia in your language, this is not an easy task to do as a community person. Read the instructions below to learn what basic steps should be taken.

What is the solution?[edit]

The five basic steps should be taken are as follows:

  1. Initial research : As an organizer, one should do an initial research about Wikipedia in education.
  2. Discussion : One should discuss with community and fellow members that what sort of programs (nature of programs) they are going to conduct - where, with whom and how?
  3. Grants : One should seek for WMF grants to support their expenses.
  4. Arrangements : Look for resources needed for conducting the programs. You may create a checklist. Resources as in, hall, projector, banner/poster, presentation, Stationery items, Computer labs, Internet connectivity and so on.
  5. Good to go.

Things to consider[edit]

Conducting EduWiki programs is best at educational institutions rather than choosing other venues such as hotel or seminar halls. At institutions, there are all sort of resources easily available such as teachers, students, classroom, Stationery items, Computer equipment, Internet and so on.

Reporting is also a matter of concern. You may use Wiki Education Dashboard for tracking participants' progress.

You may also work on proper workout plan from Day 1.

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