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Three Different Models of Wikipedia Assignments
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problemThere are many different ways of contributing to Wikipedia and different ways of giving Wikipedia editing assignments. Which one should be advised who will be giving a Wikipedia assignment for the first time?
solutionWe observed three general ways the wikipedia assignments are given. It’s advisable to suggest the instructor one of those that fits the course or instructor’s attitudes.
created on10:28, 29 January 2021 (UTC)

What problem does this solve?[edit]

We observed that university instructors hesitate giveing Wikipedia assignments for very different reasons. Some instructors would like to give very structured assignments to their students, whereas some others do not want to give any extra work to the students. When talking with university professors on the benefits of giving wikipedia assigments one should be aware of different attitudes.

What is the solution?[edit]

We observed that three different main ways of wikipedia assigments are given. According to the attitude of the professor one of these could be receommended.

Primer puesto.png“YOU ARE TOTALLY FREE” model

Assignment: Find what is the best way you could contribute to wiki-projects (checking grammar, verifying sources, adding new articles, adding images to the articles….) and start contributing. Report on your experience.

Benefit: Introduces students to contributing open sources, make the students understand crowd-sourcing sources better; help them in developing digital skills

Segundo puesto.png“YOU ARE FREE TO WRITE ON ANY TOPIC” model

Assignment: Write/improve a wikipedia article about any topic you wish.

Benefit: Helps students in developing their writing skills, encourage them on becoming producer of knowledge


Assignment: Create/improve an article you were assigned about the subjects covered in the course.

Benefit: Students search and understand better the topic covered in the lessons, develop writing skills, learning referencing


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