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Legal/Applicable law log

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This page serves as a log of legal demands made to the Wikimedia Foundation that meet the following criteria:

  • The legal demand comes from an entity outside of the United States;
  • The Foundation's Legal team has reviewed the demand and has exhausted community avenues to resolve the situation available within the timeframe of the demand;
  • The Foundation Legal team feels that on balance the content involved in the demand must be removed as an Office action.

Each log entry contains the region from which the demand was sent, the content involved in the demand, and a link to a copy of the text of the demand hosted on the Foundation's Governance wiki (foundation.wikimedia.org). In each case listed here, Wikimedia Legal has made an effort to inform the affected community before enacting any content takedown. Some log entries may have limited information if the demand was subject to a binding non-disclosure order under applicable law.

More detail about how the Foundation Legal team conducts this evaluation is available at the Legal Policies page.


Date received Region of origin Project affected Content involved Date removed Text of demand
2023-01-01 Example country Klingon Wikipedia 2023-02-11 Legal:Example demand