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Let's Connect Newsletter/Archive/2023/Issue 3

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Let’s Connect Newsletter Issue 3

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What is happening in Let’s Connect this month[edit]

Welcome to the February issue of the Let’s Connect monthly newsletter. We are happy to have new Working Group members join the Let’s Connect Team this month. We have also hosted our second Let’s Connect Connectathon; more details are below.

You can read about previous issues here.

Join the new Let’s Connect Forum on the Movement Strategy forum.

We have this Great 1:1 connector badge below for anyone who makes a connection during our monthly connectathons. Fill out this form if you tried to make a connection using the skills directory.
That's the way you get to earn a badge!

Did you miss Learning Clincis - no worries![edit]

  • If you missed our session about identifying burnout in teams and volunteers, here is the video and all of the session material on our calendar page. You can also discuss this illustrated story of burnout with your communities.

Our second Let’s Connect monthly Connectathon happened last Friday; we had a great time connecting as usual. Here is the video for those who might have missed our monthly Connectathon on Friday!

What Learning Clinics can you start getting excited about?[edit]

Running a small affiliate and need some tips?
On 24th of March, 5-7 pm UTC, Join Rebecca O'Neill,
Toni Sant, Enriqué Tabone and Claudia Serbanuta
for this Learning Clinic; via zoom.

What is this Clinic for? In this Learning Clinic, Wikimedia Ireland and Wikimedians of Romania and Moldova will share some of the key lessons learned from their experience managing a small affiliate and some of the important skills and principles.
Who is this Learning Clinic for? Staff or volunteers that are team members of small affiliates or non-recognised groups.
Register here. The link and google calendar invite will be sent after you register. The main language of the session will be English with French, Spanish and Portuguese interpretations.

Meet our new Working Group members![edit]

Other learning opportunities in the Movement[edit]

Open Foundation West Africa graciously invites you to the official launch of the Kiwix4schools Mentorship Program. Join them in learning how the Kiwix tool can be used to enhance access to educational resources for students in Africa without the internet. In the launch, they will also discuss the training and mentorship program where you can access microfunds to pilot this in your community and receive continuous support. Thursday, 16th March 2023, at 16:00 UTC. Read more about the project
UNESCO and AvoinGLAM/WM Finland are launching the Wiki Loves Living Heritage campaign. This is an opportunity to get involved in an exciting campaign to document and share live heritage across the world. Friday, 17th of March, from 1-2.30 pm UTC. Register here.
#WikiforHumanRights2023 is excited to announce an upcoming Wiktionary session to learn how it operates and use it in contributing to climate change and environmental vocabularies. Friday, March 17th at 16:00 UTC.

Training to watch!

Looking at learning more about List building, check out the training that was done for organisers of the Wiki For Human Rights campaign.
[For in-learning speakers] Wikimedistas de Uruguay has some special Wikiherramientas for Women's Month - make sure to tuned to their YouTube channel to learn more about how you can tackle the gender gap with these learning videos!

News from Movement Strategy[edit]

The implementation phase of the Capacity development for underrepresented communities (CDUC) project was conducted in the period from 1 September 2022 to 21 January 2023. It was based on the findings from the preceding research and consisted of activities directly aimed at engaging members of the targeted communities in contributing to the Wikimedia projects.

A recently published report summarising the activities of each community provides more insights into this phase of the project. Read more here.

Story from Let’s Connect[edit]

Following our monthly Connectathon, Let’s Connect members Caner from the Turkish community and Mrb Rafi used the Let’s Connect skills directory to form a connection.

After several exchanges, they created a shared program! 👏

Mrb Rafi: Caner spotted me in the Let's Connect skills directory and contacted me in hopes that I could assist him in creating educational tutorials for absolute Wikipedia beginners. I was already thinking of ways to improve visuals and branding content within the movement. Nowadays, almost the entire internet primarily relies on user-friendly graphic content, especially when it comes to educational topics. But, the Wikimedia movement as a whole is still using its ancient (and legendary) black-and-white console, which often presents challenges for newcomers, particularly when trying to exchange knowledge about the movement itself. There are very few exceptions, of course, like the Wikipedia Adventure. I found the Wikipedia Adventure extremely helpful while training new wikimedians.

So I saw it as an opportunity to learn and gain experience together in creating user-friendly tutorials for beginners. Caner accepted my idea for a collaboration project right away. His university permitted him to record in his University studio and use other facilities. The videos will be made in Turkish primarily and can be dubbed or transcripted in other languages later,

Let’s Connect is all about creating connections like this, and we are excited about what both members are engaged in.

Resources to check out:[edit]

Let’s make sure to take care of ourselves! Here are some resources to learn how to identify and support colleagues facing stress or burnout.

Also check out the latest episode of WikiMove around Abstract Wikipedia

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