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Lingua Libre/SignIt/2023/Phase 2

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« Merci » by Talibata31.

Following 2023/Phase 1 successfully fixing the recording chain, in accordance with long term #Top priorities, the July-December 2023 period aims to :

  1. lead a correct outreach campaign seeding the project awareness
  2. document learning patterns
  3.   initiate a significant[1], improved[2] and diversified[3] content creation. (environ +90 uploads à ce jour)


The following outreach actions were lead.

Date Event Place Links
Wikimedia Hackathon 2023 Athens Hacking around and announcing SignIt
Forom des langues 2023 Toulouse – Démonstration IRL (stand)
Forom des langues 2023, Toulouse
Toulouse Hacker Space Factory 2023 Toulouse
THSF 2023, PeerTube S2S and Lingualibre SignIt (video)
COSCUP 2023 Taipei
15mins presentation (English)
Wikimania 2023 Singapore
7mins presentation (English)
Capitole du Libre Toulouse
7mins presentation (French, page).
CRL UT2J Toulouse
Poster of University presentation (French)
Flyer (French)

The enthusiastic interest of the public hardly converts into effective contributions. Two people, Taliba31 and Roy Batty 82.

Learning pattern for policies makers[edit]

« Encore » by Roy Batty 82.

Building up a contributing community via recent communication actions is still in its infancy, a reflection is underway.

Towards the deaf community: The attitude is curious, observant, encouraging, but without ongoing contribution. It is possible that deaf people –who already master LSF– have little or no personal interest in contributing to a free LSF dictionary.
Towards the hearing but signing community: early weak signals show a more engaged response from this group, localized among these beginner or expert signed languages learners. The latter group's appetite for learning tools appears more energic.
External lessons: similar effect have been observed elsewhere within Wikimedia. The Commons:Stroke Order Project, Commons:Ancient Chinese characters project, open Chinese->English dictionary CEDICT are led and contributed by non-native speakers, mostly English and French learners or experts.

Conclusion: contact with and outreach toward deaf and signing communities is still superficial and need to be continued, but focus must be to support the first active contributors, Taliba31 and Roy Batty 82.

Content creation[edit]

Signed videos
  • [ ] (BD) I-Pad: test video recording via Ipad
  • [ ] (HL) Settings: create a PC + web cam + Lingualibre.org duo to video-record in good quality
  • [ ] (HL,AB) Physical studio: locate a studio with lighting and uniform background in Paul Sabatier / Ramonville?
  • [ ] (BD) Signes de Bibliothèques, professional quality: desire and possibility to move forward for BD, in order to equip her learners.
  • [ ] (HL) Clarify quality requirement and removal processes.
  • [ ] (HL) Management of polysemy

Flyer SignIt[edit]


  1. video-record 500~2,000 items
  2. Minimal Sign Language Studio guideline
  3. at least one signed language outside of FSL

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