List of Wikimedians by religion

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Wikipedia has users from all over the world, so naturally there are many religions represented by those users.

The following is a list of Wikipedians classified by religions (and non-religions), which should not be taken too seriously. (Some people, indeed, dislike the very idea of such a classification.)

Users are invited to self-identify (use the tilde key ~ three times) with the category of their choice, and to add their own if it is not listed. Feel free to subcategorize as appropriate (in other words, Protestant vs. Catholic, Lutheran vs. Methodism, Reform vs. Orthodox, etc.) with respect to sectarian differences. Please keep the list formatted consistently and try to keep it alphabetic. This is an experimental project and may well not last, but let's see how it goes. I'm not even sure what this could hope to accomplish, maybe I was too tired when I thought it up.

Some Wikipedias have categories for this, such as as the English Wikipedians by religion.

  1. Lighthead
  2. Asatruar
  3. Gentenaar~nlwiki
  1. Vaikunda Raja
  1. Brettz9
  2. Cyprus2k1
  3. LambaJan
  4. Cunado19
  5. Jeff3000
  6. MARussellPESE
  7. Parsa
  8. ChristianEdwardGruber
  9. Unknown Master
  10. I'm Nonpartisan
  11. Da voli
  1. Hyacinth
  2. Ludraman
  3. Mahaabaala
  4. Luis Dantas (Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Secular Humanist)
  5. Usedbook (Theravada, Agnostic, Atheist)
  6. कुक्कुरोवाच (Crypto-Buddhist, any way)
  7. Eequor (Zen)
  8. n0thingness (Zen-like, gnostic luciferian, nihilist)
  9. Kxjan (am i? - meditation:yes, detachment:yes, personal development:yes, reincarnation:no), atheist, bright
  10. Quadell
  11. Groove Bones Tibetan Buddhist. Pass on some things. Demons, Reincarnation. Cool, but no thanks
  12. Antandrus Best fit of the major choices. Pass on the reincarnation part.
  13. TearJohnDown
  14. Nanten
  15. Dave
  16. Randy LeJeune
  17. Justin
  18. Owlpostforever I want to be Buddhist!
  19. User:M&NCenarius - Zen-like / atheist / secular humanist, no reincarnation
  20. en:User:the pink pantherI am not officailly buddhist but i still believe in all of it.
  21. Jet123
  22. Kitten b Tibetan Buddhist. woo-hoo!
  23. Darth Chyrsaor
  24. User:cocobeware - Atheist but still looking into it.
  25. Singhalawap
  26. Hashan Gayasri - Theravada Buddhist
  1. Chris Jefferies (I don't do denominations)
  2. David Cannon (Born-again Christian; over the years, I have attended Baptist, Open Brethren, and Presbyterian churches, and the Assemblies of God, where I am now).
  3. Devin Murphy within Unitarian Universalism and the Canadian Unitarian Council.
  4. Eric119
  5. Idont Havaname (I attend a Baptist church, but I don't consider myself a Baptist, just a Christian.)
  6. Joshua Bowman
  7. koavf
  8. Wesley
  9. Ugen64 02:50, 23 Apr 2004 (UTC)
  10. Will
  11. Webkid
  12. Dainamo -more of a heretic to be honest
  13. Matteh
  14. Luke1938 Raised as a messianic, being a teenager in a Baptist school turned me atheist, then saw the face of the devil; Mexican churches sure have Spirit. Currently in Cuernevaca following a group of Dance Missionaries, trying to fit God's plan as snugly as possibly.
  15. LJB - Christadelphian
  16. Martinman11 I'm not a thumper though.
  17. Akadruid - Born-again Christian, currently worshipping at a Brethren church.
  18. Banes Technically a Baptist, but I don't get worked up about denominations.
  19. Darth Katana X - And if you've got a problem with that...
  20. Dinsdagskind
  21. Fibonacci (undenominational)
  22. Eonas The Monotheist - (Church-roaming. I'm a vagabond when it comes to the denomination sort of thing)
  23. I'm a Anglo Catholic:) --James, La gloria è a dio 04:32, 18 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]
  24. ComputerGuy890100
  25. Willking1979 18:16, 6 April 2009 (UTC)[reply]
  26. OlEnglish
  27. Kira Josie Murphy


  1. Tb
  2. BozMo (aka AndrewCates)
  3. Claudine
  4. en:User:CoppBob, Episcopal Church in the United States of America
  5. Craigy144
  6. Jwrosenzweig -- Raised Protestant, but theologically and emotionally much closer to a conservative Anglican position (and in fact I often find my positions are very Catholic on key issues)
  7. Rdsmith4 - in fact I am Episcopalian since I live in America.
  8. Rockhopper10r - ECUSA
  9. Divinecirinde - From the Anglican Church of Aotearoa New Zealand
  10. --Celestianpower (en, wikt) (UK)
  11. Brian New Zealand Also from the Anglican Church of Aotearoa New Zealand
  12. Anglius 20:11, 7 February 2006 (UTC)[reply]
  13. Rrchapman 04:25, 26 March 2006 (UTC). Episcopal Chuch and occasional contributor to The Living Church[reply]
  14. User:Air Transport Freak
  15. User:Sir James Paul

Episcopal Church in the United States[edit]

  1. Carla Pettigrew Hufstedler, since birth
  2. Helminski


  1. Greaser -- Born and raised a Seventh-Day Adventist, he revolted against this in his early teen years, went through an agnostic spell. Now, he sit as almost precisely on the fence between Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism. Greaser is technically in both camps, albeit, due to his lack of Catholic baptism, he's not in full communion with the Catholic Church. Devout but has been known to attend other church services on occasions.
  2. Though I think of myself as being a very High Churchman.--Anglius 18:53, 26 February 2006 (UTC)[reply]
  3. The only difference for the most part inbetween me and a Roman Catholci is that I am nuteral when it comes to purgatory, that the Pope is the human head of the church, and that latin should be used in services. --James, La gloria è a dio 03:43, 18 March 2007 (UTC)[reply]


  1. Jimregan
  2. Harris7
  3. GUllman
  4. Merovingian
  5. Mark Ryan
  6. Samuel J. Howard (convert to)
  7. Sashal Convert. Intermittently devout.
  8. Ex_Ottoyuhr
  9. Minh Nguyễn
  10. Kenneth Duncan
  11. Briséis
  12. JB82 (also JB82 (Wikipedia), JB82 {Wikipédia) and JB82 (Wikipedia en español)
  13. Fibonacci (formerly)
  14. Cæsius (France)
  15. Romihaitza (Romanian Greek-Catholic)

Roman Catholicism[edit]

  1. mrehker (DE)
  2. User:OwenBlacker (sorta)
  3. Chopinhauer
  4. Gedca
  5. Cjbeyer Take the time to learn and everything else seems downright silly.
  6. *drew
  7. kenj0418
  8. Kpalion
  9. Inky
  10. Alkivar (until the age of reason)
  11. jenmoa
  12. Carlosar
  13. Dudtz-only Christian religions are true,and possibly Muslims
  14. Thomas Aquinas- Catholicism is the sole logical religion; all others are defucnt rationally
  15. Yo Mama 5000
  16. fpo but I don't like Pope Benedict XVI, and I miss Pope John Paul II
  17. Irshgrl500 I too, don't like Pope Benedict XVI, and miss Pope John Paul II
  18. Psy guy
  19. T Anthony I used to want to be a monk.
  20. ABCD
  21. SarekOfVulcan (despite what some people on en probably think)
  22. Jennifer (3rd generation Catholic! Recognize!)
  23. Riccardo Riccioni
  24. Umdunno
  25. The1exile (For now, but not forever. Consider me an atheist with catholic values.)
  26. OrbiliusMagister aka εΔω
  27. Yiggdilobith It is my way and my choice.
  28. Laleena I am a Lutheran convert.
  29. Patsy103
  30. wikt:User:Ivocamp96
  31. TomášPolonec (SK)
  32. Samuele2002 (Talk!)
  33. Eliatxo

Lapsed Catholic[edit]

  1. Toby Bartels (Roman Catholic until age 12)
  2. Saint-Paddy We never really went to church much, except for when I got communion. Then we stopped going.
  3. Daanschr I was baptized, did Holy Communion and Confirmation. But I don't believe in God anymore since age of 14. Roman Catholicism has dropped from 38% to a pathetic 1% in 50 years time in the Netherlands. We got imported Ethiopian preachers nowadays to fill the gaps.
  4. Rodrigogomesonetwo Baptized, never got Communion and Confirmation. I believe in God... Well, not really, but I like to think there is one somewhere out there. Like a large number of Brazilians, I flirt with spiritualistic religions.


  1. RJB
  2. Woofboy

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)[edit]

  1. Essjay

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints[edit]

  1. Noldoaran
  2. pne
  3. biggins
  4. Taco Deposit — raised in this belief system; now rejects it.
  5. Tom (Hawstom) - Very strong believer; very weak sectarian; non-theologist. I don't suppose God will hold any theology or non-theology against any loving person.
  6. MD2004
  7. Crystal Matrix
  8. mrcolj
  9. Jordan Griffith
  10. KnowledgeLord - Believes highly in God, but does not shun those who do not.
  11. Leylia — accepts the doctrine, rejects the carrots in the jello.
  12. JoliePA

Eastern Orthodoxy[edit]

  1. Bogdan Giusca (I accept it more as a tradition, I don't really believe all that stuff :)
  2. Gorann Andjelkovic
  3. Archimandrite Maximos ( I am an clergyman of the Greek Orthodox Church)
  4. Midnight Gambler (Russian Orthodox Church)
  5. Зоран Филиповић (Serbian Orthodox Church)

Jehovah's Witnesses[edit]

  1. ILVI -- Jay Bowks
  2. Zoohouse
  3. Justin (excommunicated)
  4. Justin O.
  5. Mikhailov Kusserow


  1. Lighthead
  2. Zanimum
  3. calmypal
  4. hoshie — I am a Southern Baptist. However, I am a bit annoyed at the right-ward turn of the Convention. Because of this, I describe myself as a Protestant.
  5. Kizor
  6. Haggawaga - Oegawagga
  7. Melkom
  8. gracefool
  9. Slowking Man
  10. Smerdis of Tlön
  11. Johnleemk
  12. BSveen
  13. Evice
  14. astorklam
  15. Linuxbeak
  16. User:A7X 900 Am a free thinking Christian and am aganist the church. I believe only in a personal relationship with God and Jesus.
  17. Jaques O. Carvalho


  1. Pastorant Licensed Minister with the Assemblies of God
  2. Redwolf24 I go to an Assembly of God church about once a year... not religious, and in fact compatible with other protestant churches, but I believe in God and Jesus for what it's worth.


  1. Gold Dragon
  2. Rafael, o Galvão
Independent Baptist[edit]
  1. Ted-m
  2. bornagain4
Southern Baptist[edit]
  1. Kelsey Francis (Southern Baptist)
  2. Ellsworth


  1. Leonardo Alves


  1. awolf002 (to be precise: LCMS)
  2. gabbe (to be precise: Church of Sweden) by tradition, not by faith
  3. BSveen (to be precise: ELCA)
  4. Karl-Henner
  5. Messedrocker
  6. Ricardo Ferreira de Oliveira 23:42, 15 June 2009 (UTC)[reply]


  1. Geoffrey - Methodist if you want to be picky
  2. a.d. jensen


  1. Cswrye


  1. iKato
  2. StAnselm
  3. -- Felipe Aira

Seventh-day Adventist[edit]

  1. Zahakiel
  2. en:user:Xelas211


  1. Allan Javier Aguilar Castillo
  2. Ralgis - Mostly under Francisco Lacueva teachings


  1. BCorr
  2. |Quadell (aspiring)
  3. Orangemike

United Church of Christ[edit]

  1. phil179
  2. Scooter

United Reformed Methodist Bapticostal Assemblies[edit]

  1. Thudgens I am a member of a non-denominational church, but if this denomination existed, this is where I'd be.
  2. Koridas I am both a Christian and a Muslim. I believe in Jesus and Muhammad.

w:user:chipuni Chipuni


  1. Cimon Avaro on a pogo stick A place holder, something to offer in situations like this.
  2. Toby Bartels (dilettante only)
  3. Logotu (I could classify myself here but that wouldn't be the whole story)
  4. Spectatrix (card-carrying Pope of Discordia)
  5. Padre Martini, OED, Archdukebishop of Texas
  6. Amayzes
  7. Mutante Cabal Database
  8. Mathiastck also UU
  9. Voyager640
  10. John.constantine
  11. PopeFauveXXIII, Templar of the New Electronic Frontier
  12. Icarus_23 07:02, 17 October 2006 (UTC) FNORD[reply]
  13. Storkk , also en:User:Storkk
  14. User:Knotwork aka en:User:Knotwork
  15. Ethanlu121 - Pope of Discord, Nihilist, and Pastafarian.
  1. Noel (and no, it's not all about good food :-)
  2. DannyK The ethics is profound and Epicurean science is more advanced then most realise. Nietzscheanism is merely a demomination of Epicureanism.
  3. Royalmate1 Hmm I guess I'm a Nietzschean Epicurean then
  1. Binod Basnet
  2. Dr,Krant M.L.Verma
  3. Sudhir Neerattupuram (Hindu by Birth and a Hindutva writer from Kerala, India ie Bharat)
  4. Kautilyaa Speaking (Hindu Agnostic)
  5. mkweise (born agnostic)
  6. Paddu
  7. Ranjith Ranadheeran
  8. Binadot (Atheist Hindu)
  9. Desibanda (Hindu by birth and choice)
  10. Muwaffaq 02:57, 31 July 2005 (UTC) (purified into Hinduism. Atheist)[reply]
  11. DaGizza Devout Hindu
  12. Pranathi Hindu
  13. Deepak
  14. Pankaj Batra (Hindu by birth and choice)
  15. Rohitbd
  16. Jamadagni (Hindu by birth and choice)
  17. gfuture4me Rameshwar,Govindu. (Born as HINDU and to be born as a HINDU)
  18. BhaktPrahalad (Devotee ready for any penance and submission)
  19. Holy Ganga (Devout Hindu)
  20. S. Sharma
  21. SmartIndianKid (Hindu by Birth and Choice)
  22. S.R.Jai Shankar (Hindu by Birth and devotee of Lord Ganesha.Also a believer of the Guru Parampara tradition)
  23. Ganesh
  25. Vivek Sinha
  26. Lokesh (Hindu by birth)
  27. arjunb Devout Hindu; From Tulunadu.
  28. Aupmanyav Atheist, Atomist, Heroes - Rama, Krishna, Sankara, etc.
  29. Christopher Ott
  30. Guruprasad Belthur Brahmin by birth and choice.
  31. Sadartha (Mad crazy into self-realization)
  32. sleek3
  33. nids
  34. LeMaster
  35. Shruti14 (Vaishnava Hindu by birth and choice)
  1. CouchFuzius Latest paradigm shift, and i'm fine with it. I see truth in every human experience, whatever form or expression it may take. The last truth can't be perceived objectively, only experienced by the subject, while actual both transcend each dualism. (taoist in a less cultural sense...)
  1. Mohd Izzudin bin Saedon
  2. Sulaymani Ismaili
  3. Abdullah Geelah
  4. Al Ameer son
  5. Alarob
  6. Anis
  7. Catri
  8. Khalid
  9. Fadzlin
  10. IFaqeer
  11. Deniz Utku
  12. User:Yaroslav Zolotaryov
  13. Putera Luqman Tunku Andre
  14. Ahmed Alsudani
  15. Atcovi
  16. Koridas
  1. Tarun Jain
  1. Batshua Conservadox-leaning Jew
  2. LittleDan: Born Jewish, now secular humanist


  1. 172
  2. mange01
  3. Ryecatcher773
  4. Wyatt915
  5. Faizan

Atheist Jews[edit]

  1. Andrevan: only ethnically and culturally Jewish, otherwise atheist
  2. Ashleyisachild: Received Bat-Mitzvah 7 years before definitively converting to Atheism.
  3. ThirdEyeOpen

Baal teshuva[edit]

  1. YUL89YYZ


  1. Joel G. (Jewbacca)
  2. Valley2city


  1. JFW:(see Torah im Derech Eretz)
  2. Sije
  3. Yirmiyahou
  4. Yoshiah_ap


  1. Nahum


  1. Clarinetplayer
  2. dbmag9
  3. Kithburd
  4. MarkFoldman
  5. Neutrality
  6. UtherSRG


  1. .·.Optim.·.
  2. iFaqeer
  3. Lighthead


  1. Eequor
  1. Geno
  2. Binadot - God is dead, baby.
  3. Ethanlu121 - God is dead and we have killed him.
  1. beWiki
  2. Lzygenius
  3. Navyhighander, Follower of the Greek Gods.
  4. Spinboy
  5. Fang 23
  1. ArinArin Only when forced to take a position, but trying to live as atheistically as possible.
  2. Tydaj also Unitarian Universalist.
  3. Lighthead
  4. Fang 23
  1. AxelBoldt A mix of ideas taken from Buddhism, Spinoza's pantheism, Einstein's views and the position of Hesse's Siddhartha. See my homepage for details.
  2. Fang 23
  3. Sungmanitu Naturalistic pantheist.
  1. User:Fonzy (yep more than one, him up there and me ;-))
  2. Logotu (I could classify myself here but that wouldn't be the whole story)
  3. Fang 23

Religious atheism[edit]

  1. FrankP I preach atheism as a religion, not a non-religion. I encourage those who have signed up under non-religions to switch their allegiance to here.
  1. Elvenscout742 (I'm an Ásatrúar at heart, but I equally place tolerance of others' beliefs and an interest in many mythologies above almost all else.)
  2. Satanael/Satan. I'm not really sure what I am at heart, (I seem to be drifting between non-den. Christianity and Weak Agnosticism) but I see tolerance of people's beliefs and and an interest mythology as very important to me.
  3. Fang 23
  1. Ornithikos -- I'm not really a Satanist, but I didn't want the old fellow to feel rejected.

Secular Shamanism[edit]

  1. Cimon Avaro on a pogostick (self-initiation rules! see you in my dreamscapes)
  1. DaisukeNiwa
  2. 朝彦 (Asahiko)
  1. Gurmeet S. Kochar
  2. Acs4b
  3. Gurmeet Singh
  1. McMullen
  1. Eequor
  2. Hyacinth
  3. Ringbang
  4. Silume
  5. Damate
  6. JessPKC
  1. Trey Harris
  2. UtherSRG
  3. Jondel 06:20, 4 Nov 2004 (UTC)
  4. The KoG 21:44, 2 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  5. Quadell
  6. Jrincayc My view on how UU and WP fit together.
  7. Sean Turvey
  8. Tydaj also panentheist.
  9. en:User:HistoricalPisces
  10. en:User:Mathiastck also Discordian
  11. Voyager640
  12. Kevin Rutherford (talk) 22:33, 4 April 2010 (UTC)[reply]
  1. Jimregan Minister since 1998 or 1999. (College was a blur)
  2. Logotu Minister since 2000 (but see also...)
  3. Taco Deposit — Minister since 1998.



  1. Alkivar (after the age of reason)
  2. Branddobbe uncertain deist
  3. Matt Line - I've always been interested in religion, which may be why I dislike it so much.
  4. Daisy-Head Mayzie
  5. Denni I have searched my whole life, and have yet to see anything that constitutes arguable evidence of any supernatural entity. It's struck me that, for something so omnipotent, all-knowing, and omnipresent, should God be that hard to find? But hey, I could be wrong.
  6. Dyss I'm a stone-throw away from an atheist, yet I do not believe I am in the position to state, with certainty, that there is nothing "beyond what we can see". I denounce all existing religions though (they're just really sophisticated pyramid scheme's) - if there is something "beyond what we can see" it/he/she/goat has yet to reveal itself.
  7. Sean Curtin
  8. Hołek ҉
  9. Hyacinth
  10. Ingoolemo
  11. Katefan0 Agnostic with secular human tendencies... I can't know the unknowable, pro or con, so death will either be my greatest adventure or most profound disappointment. Until then I try to live life the best and kindest way I can. If there is a God, or force or whatever you want to call it out there, I have to believe that'll be good enough. And if not, I was never a foolish sheep. 18:00, 11 Feb 2005 (UTC)
  12. Koxinga: this is a too difficult and pointless question... I will see when I will die. And proselytism is bad ;o)
  13. KSchutte
  14. Logotu (I could classify myself here but that wouldn't be the whole story)
  15. Luis Dantas (Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Secular Humanist)
  16. MrThomas - Agnostic, that's mmmmmmeeeeeeeee!!!!! Now how do I add this ti my user page?
  17. Mindspillage Weak atheist, strong agnostic.
  18. Neolux I used to called myself multi-denominational, then I called myself non-denominational. Basically, I beleive people need faith in something, and whatever they choose is fine with me, just don't try to convert me. I always keep an open mind, and look into what each religion offers and choose my own path from there. I cannot subscribe to particular system of belief at this time, so I guess I'm hedging my bets in this regard.
  19. RainbowToffee
  20. Rie - Hey, you, Atheist! Yeah, you! I'm gonna punch you! Or not. But I, too, believe in the divine spirit of the Agnosto, and it's a shame our name has been tarnished and confused with another, similar group over the years. For shame.
  21. Saint-Paddy Weak atheist, until some ball of light descends from the sky and declears in a booming voice "I AM GOD!", then I'm agnostic... depsite taking holy communion...
  22. Silume
  23. Suriko A little athiest'ish (with a sprinkle of secular humanist and materialist thrown in), but after long hard thinking, came to the conslusion that proving or disproving god is impossible (which is the basis of faith, really). Pretty much the same as Dyss.
  24. Taco Deposit — Weak atheist / agnostic / secular humanist
  25. Tualha I decided I was an atheist at age 12. Later, I lost my faith ;)
  26. Ryan Norton T | @ | C 23:28, 26 September 2005 (UTC)[reply]
  27. Ixistant
  28. V0lkanic
  29. VasilievVV

Weak agnosticism[edit]

  1. Dante Alighieri, there are, quite simply, some things that are unknown at this time. Well, I'm also a weak atheist I suppose, but I'm gonna stay up here.
  2. Jeandré — raised Protestant. If gods exist, which I doubt, some of them may decide to prove their existance: "don't tell God what to do".
  3. Sarge Baldy


  2. Tedius Zanarukando I am antifundamentalist, opposing both Christian and Islamic fundamentalism. I believe that Islamic fundamentalism is the biggest threat to world peace.
  3. Topbanana
  4. Lockeownzj00 You could say I am anti-religious, but I don't hate people who have religions. I just don't like the religions themselves.
  5. the stuff is good for enforcing death on others. nothing else.
  6. MeltBanana Devout, born-once, militant, indifferentist.
  7. Wins oddf
  8. Citizen Premier Your god sure did a lot of work to make it seem like he doesn't exist.
  9. Liface
  10. Me lkjhgfdsa Religions replace open mindes with closed ones. Religions destroy all the good that education does.
  11. Daanschr Religions should be outlawed, so birth control can make the earth more liveable. A ban on war is not possible with different religions combating eachother.
  12. Smiddle
  13. Einsteinewton
  14. Mike.lifeguard


  1. ^pirate - Positive atheist.
  2. Abdullais4u - actually apatheist.
  3. Andrevan - ethnically and culturally Jewish, religiously atheist.
  4. Andrewlevine Non-humanist atheist, pseudo-agnostic. (I also believe that the question of whether or not God exists is completely irrelevant, as I would live my life no differently either way.)
  5. AngryParsley Why? Because I went to Catholic school for six years.
  6. Aperculum I hate laestadians ^_^
  7. Arno Lagrange son of an antireligious father and an atheist protestant born mother, I am an atheist which likes buddhism because it's rather a philosophy than a religion.
  8. Arvindn devout
  9. AtticusX
  10. Autarch Regards atheism as a rather minimalist philophy, not a cause.
  11. AxelBoldt Convinced that no personal god in the traditional sense exists, but allowing for the possibility that our universe is a simulation run by some programmer in another universe.
  12. Ben Parish Former Baptist Christian but then I took a Physics class...
  13. bmills The concept of god is a weapon we use in our attempt to dominate the world.
  14. Canadianism
  15. Chairman S.
  16. Constafrequent
  17. Corax has no need for organized superstition.
  18. Dave I'm something of a Zen Buddhist, but I reject the idea of deities or spirits that are to be worshipped.
  19. Dori damn you Homer Simpson
  20. Eloquence, in spite of substantial attempts of religious indoctrination; also a secular humanist.
  21. Faizan, agnostic.
  22. Feedmecereal weak
  23. FrankB Materialist type Atheist born to same
  24. FvdP "freedom over faith". Sort of a "practical atheist": there is probably no God, but there are more important questions than that; many answers are probably the same regardless of God's existence. I strongly refuse to be guided (driven...) by any religion.
  25. Sean Curtin
  26. GShoeLacy
  27. Hemant Dabral Every child is born as an atheist, without any prior knowledge or cognizance of God/Goddess/Supernatural beings. It's we who mould our children into different religious and political identities. Although I do prefer Philosophy over Theology, Rationality over Superstition, Culture over Cult, Courage over Fear and Lingual identity over Racial identity. Philosophically I'm a Buddhist, Culturally I'm a Hindu and in my daily lifestyle I'm practically an Atheist. Although I take part in Religious customs only as a tradition. I do not believe in any kind of God/Goddess/Supernatural beings but I do respect people who do otherwise. It's all about recognition and personal life experiences.
  28. Hyacinth
  29. TPK
  30. User:Imtalldan Born and raised Roman Catholic, still forced to go to church
  31. Jamyskis - Born-again Atheist from Evangelical Christianity.
  32. Jeandré — raised Protestant, weak atheist.
  33. James F. As SecretLondon put it, 'devout'.
  34. JeffyJeffyMan2004
  35. Jmabel, but a Jew in the same sense as Karl Marx or Sigmund Freud.
  36. John Owens, a weak atheist bordering on agnostic
  37. Joyous When I stopped believing in god, things finally made sense.
  38. Kross
  39. Jan Kelly (most definitely) God made me, my mum said, so it must be true. For years i believed her... kids don't have much choice do they?
  40. Lauryn Ashby
  41. Lockeownzj00 A proud atheist. Science over faith.
  42. Logotu (I could classify myself here but that wouldn't be the whole story)
  43. Luis Dantas (Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Secular Humanist)
  44. Mark Hurd
  45. Mattroberts66 - Strong Dispiser of Religion
  46. Mikez - Also second Sabbut :). Been an atheist since I began thinking seriously about it at 12-13 years of age, and then rejected what the schoolteachers (rather: a teacher) had taught me about God.
  47. Neural - Weak atheist. Strong critic of the arbitrary religious mythology that many seem willing to kill for. I am aware that the conflict between Islam and Christianity is tearing the world apart once more, in this supposedly "enlightened" age.
  48. Mindspillage Weak atheist, strong agnostic.
  49. MoeLarryAndJesus Idiots, lunatics, and scared kids think there's a hell. No one else does.
  50. Nikai (devout)
  51. Nina rather strong than weak
  52. Noesis Atheist, Bright, Secular Humanist
  53. nohat, without qualification
  54. NorsemanII, Not interested in anything supernatural. Rational reasons to think something is true are a must-have.
  55. orioneight Raised a Southern Baptist . . . that'll do it.
  56. Pakaran I see no reason to make any exclusion from scientific reasoning. Quite simply, the laws of physics do not say "if you drop a pebble, it falls, unless you ask God to hold it up for you."
  57. Palpatine Nietzsche and God are both dead
  58. Pietaster
  59. Pilaf - I second Sabbut's opinion, which made me laugh. To myself the idea of God is just ridiculous.
  60. Pmsyyz
  61. Poujeaux - strong, radical, devout, evangelical, but let's just say atheist.
  62. Q0
  63. Redfarmer I was once a Christian but then I realized how illogical it all is. I've never been happier with my decision to deconvert.
  64. Rednblu I wonder how many "atheists" would continue to proclaim political independence from the Creator if she dropped onto Constitution Avenue and demanded that every man bow to her. That is, is atheism a defiant politics of freedom as well as the non-religion that it is?
  65. Roybb95
  66. Sabbut For me God is like some sort of Santa Claus for adults. The thing is, he doesn't seem to give presents ^_^
  67. Saul Taylor devout atheist bordering on fundamentalist.
  68. Secretlondon devout
  69. Sellyminime
  70. Selphie - religions cause most of the problems in todays world (wars etc) if there is some "higher power" it's probalby in a zoo-style thing, or quite possibly Sims-like
  71. Stargoat Radical atheist but born Roman Catholic.
  72. Stet god is only something to fill sunday morning, as cricket is only something to fill sunday afternoon
  73. Sunny256 — I used to call me an agnostic for many years, but this was by some misunderstood as "semi-christian", and that's just not acceptable. To be pedantic about it, I'm an agnostic atheist.
  74. Suto Secular Humanist; Empiricist; Reason will lead to knowledge, and knowledge will lead to fulfillment.
  75. Sverdrup
  76. Taco Deposit — Weak atheist / agnostic / secular humanist
  77. The Famous Movie Director Moving from agnosticism to weak atheism, but my lack of faith is growing day by day.
  78. The Giant Puffin
  79. Tim Starling born-again atheist. Atheism is a belief, as opposed to agnosticism which is a philosophy. I believe there is no god in the same way I believe the Earth orbits the Sun.
  80. Toby Bartels (in a weak sense)
  81. tompagenet - devout, deep beliver in being nice to people because it's right, not because I get punished if I'm nasty.
  82. Vudujava I am a "devout" atheist as the concept of god makes no more logical sense to me than people falling for a 419 scam.
  83. Wapcaplet, an implicit atheist, generally considers religious questions to be less interesting than non-religious questions.
  84. Webkid I am not sure if there's someone high above in the sky watching us.. I would say simply that I don't believe in prehistoric fabrications.
  85. Pedro Victor
  86. Xiujun Ethical atheist
  87. Yuunli - I'm not superstitious. Why should I believe in "gods"?
  88. Zeno Gantner
  89. alexjohnc3—Raised and being raised by protestant parents. Religion is just silly. =P
  90. Dark Tichondrias
  91. Sulgran
  92. CodeCat — Who needs religion if you can understand the world and be good to others without it?
  93. DerekvG I consider myself an Atheist, I reject "belief" so I'm a disbeliever, I fight against idolatry, gullibility but ultimately I fight against the abuse of power, authority; and any form of authoritariansm, what any monotheist religion in fact is codified and symbolised authoritariansm : the blind and sacrefied belief in "authority".
  94. Prodraxis - I'm an atheist but I'm open to learning about other religions.

Strong atheism[edit]

  1. Amayzes
  2. Binadot - born to a family of Smartists and Anglicans, but currently an Atheist with a capital "A".
  3. Comics
  4. David
  5. Jyril - 100% pure atheist. Oh, and gods exist... They just aren't what you think they are.
  6. Kbdank71
  7. L33tminion
  8. Lord Bob - praise the non-lord.
  9. M&NCenarius - There is no god... think about it; it's pure nonsense
  10. Malathion
  11. MSTCrow - Positive atheist, and cannot help but be one, which sometimes conflicts me.
  12. Promonex - God isn't dead and God will never be dead. But God decays with every single piece of scientific knowledge we acquire, until the very day in a far away future, in which there won't be any gaps for him to hide anymore. Indulging in natural sciences it shall be my very pleasure to contribute to his decay.
  13. Ryan Cable Strong
  14. Shorne - Flaming atheist. Positive/strong position. There is no goddam god, for God's sake.
  15. Surajt88
  16. Wins oddf
  17. Yath - Strong atheist.
  18. Adjam - Did god have a choice?;)
  20. Capitan Obvio
  21. Paul Barkley - A god is a being that created or controls the laws of the universe, and there's no such being.
  22. Steve Magruder - Over the past couple years, I realized that if one cannot prove teapots in orbit around Pluto, one cannot prove God. In other words, the concept of God is nonsense. And this also goes for any supernatural phenomena. It's either natural, or it's fiction.
  23. Selfworm - I have yet to see any evidence for the existence of a God.
  24. thedemonhog
  25. Ptashytz - strong atheist.

Ultra-strong atheism[edit]

  1. GTubio - If I say "elephants fly" but I don't prove it, no one (with a brain) can assume that as a truth. The same applies to deities. However, deities are much more dangerous for humanity than my "elephants fly" statement can be. I ferociously fight religion/superstition wherever I sense it. I also refuse an "atheist religion", people must _realize_ (through brain use) about the need of ultra-strong atheism, if it is imposed it can be as negative as the worst religion (Christianism?).
  2. Anonunit
  3. Hezzy 20:11, 29 July 2006 (UTC) Religion has done nothing but start wars and build walls between people. Look at the middle east! As people become more educated, religion will fail.[reply]
  4. stjamie On the Dawkins' scale scale of certainty (page 50-51 of 'The God Delusion') of the existence of a god or gods, I sit at 6.999 ad infinitum.
    6.999...=7. See en:0.999.... -- Jeandré, 2011-12-26t11:39z
  5. 09:13, 13 March 2007 (UTC) Outspoken Atheist Agnostic[reply]
  6. JuWiki2 - Stronger than the strongest coffee. Just take a look at my userbox page, and you'll know how strong the strongest coffee is.
  7. PseudoOne
  8. God is made by humans, not the other way.
  9. en:User:Royalmate1 - I'm an agnostic atheist naturalist anti-theist igtheist theological noncognitivist materialist existentialist objectivist stoic nihilist. Pick whichever of those words you like best, or all of them. Royalmate1 (talk) 08:01, 22 December 2014 (UTC)[reply]
  10. acagastya I don't Believe in Any Religion since i was in 5th Grade. Better serve humanity than to pray to god for the same!
  11. KCVelaga - I don't see a point to believe in God, when science and logic are so well developed.

EAC (Evil Atheist Conspiracy) Directors, Agents and Operatives[edit]

  1. EvilAtheist – We're after your children and pets.

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism or en:Pastafarianism[edit]

  1. – Devout.
  2. AtticusX – Hallowed be Thy Noodly Appendage.
  3. Dlloyd
  4. User:Blacksheepmails I've seen the evidence, recieved the signs. A true practicing pastafarian.
  5. Fang 23
  6. Royalmate1 I'm also an igtheist and a Singulitarian.
  7. Nosachevd Ramen, brothers.
  8. Ethanlu121 Ramen! I'm also a Nihilist and a Pope of Discord.

Invisible Pink Unicorn[edit]

  1. Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason - Blessed be her holy hooves!
  2. Lockeownzj00 Ah-menn.
  3. boffy_b On grounds of pinkness and invisibility. Also Light Jedi
  4. Occono Oh she's such a revolutionary!
  5. Cryo(Tox) May her hooves never be shod!


  1. FvdP one of my strongest convictions. Yet not the whole story. (See Logotu).
  2. Hashar We are only matter. God doesn't exist. What can we find after the end of the universe ? What existed before the big bang ?
  3. Canadianism
  4. Orthologist Extreme materialist, atheist and rationalist.


  1. Jeandré du Toit



Non-believer in the existence of Invisible Pink Unicorn.

  1. Bonalaw
  2. McKay
  3. Occono I'm Schizophrenic


  1. --Nick-in-South-Africa 22:18, 8 Nov 2004 (UTC) Close enough, also interested in and much time for much Buddhist thought, but from a, rationalist perspective. Also qualify as a positive atheist and an agnostic as per Huxley's original meaning. Any and all supernatural claims put my sceptical faculties into hyperdrive. My considered view is that there is an objective reality.
  2. Amayzes

Secular humanism[edit]

  1. Antandrus (+ Buddhist, weak agnostic)
  2. Hcheney
  3. JRob (Recovering Roman Catholic)
  4. LittleDan but born Jewish
  5. Xeresblue (+ atheist)
  6. Amayzes
  7. Jeandré — raised Protestant.
  8. →Iñgólemo← (talk) 08:32, 2 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  9. Logotu (I could classify myself here but that wouldn't be the whole story)
  10. Luis Dantas (Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist, Secular Humanist)
  11. Noesis Atheist, Bright, Secular Humanist
  12. Taco Deposit — Weak atheist / agnostic / secular humanist
  13. Toby Bartels
  14. Yath (+ atheist)
  15. Dave I guess I qualify as this in some ways. I don't believe in gods or higher powers, but I do believe in Zen Buddhist philosophy. Call that what you want.
  16. Canadianism
  17. User:M&NCenarius
  18. User:Bornestera
  19. en:User:Thesocialistesq In conjunction with weak atheism/agnosticism. And no supernatural stuffs.
  20. Jorge Morejón Also light agnosticism. Raised as Roman Catholic by religous Spanish family.


  1. Amayzes
  2. Eequor
  3. en:User:Royalmate1


  1. Taku
  2. Mbecker, I think that categorizing oneself by religion is as bad as categorizing oneself by race. It shouldn't matter (even though I don't care if people know what [lack of] religion I am).
  3. Shizhao,chinese
  4. Formulax
  5. Logotu (but see me under other categories here too, and on the Wiccapedians or other neopagan Wikipedians page! :-9 )
  6. I officially have no religion (not even agnosticism or atheism). -- Grunt 14:42, 2004 Sep 25 (UTC)
  7. Yesopenilno
  8. DarkEvil Believe in a god, but not necessarily any god from a particular religion, just a divine being.


  1. MyRedDice - Church of the Die,
  2. BJ Howard - Taylogy


  1. Hedley 01:33, 8 Apr 2005 (UTC) - At least it's what I was on the census.

Dark Jedi[edit]

  1. Phoenix Hacker

Light Jedi[edit]

  1. boffy_b 3y3 /-\ |\/| t3h J£D!. 4|_50 |.|>.|_|.


  1. Oliezekat, don't forget your ronron-prayer before sleeping :op


  1. Morwen 00:09, 27 Mar 2004 (UTC)
  2. Scott Burley

Omega point[edit]

  1. Vroman heaven is a giant computer
  2. Lighthead


  1. Rambot 10 SIN, 20 GOTO HELL
  2. HasharBot wikipedia.setAction('semi-automatic interwiki script')
  3. Zwobot 1010011010
  4. Boffy b I am a Commodore Systems model TVC-15 Wikipaedian.

Percentages, world versus Wikimedians.[edit]

World percentages: 2003 wo, 2005 wo. 2010 wo.


Based on this meta page's 2003-12-21t17:33:18z, 2004-12-25t08:59:47z, 2005-12-24t09:28:24z, 2006-12-23t05:06:05z, 2007-12-24t22:37:02z, 2008-11-30t03:39:13z, 2009-12-07, 2010-12-14, and 2011-12-26 versions.

I simply used the bullet numbers; so if someone said "until age 12", "I don't really believe all that stuff", or "Not practicing, agnostic" I counted them as being of the listed faith anyway; and if they listed themselves under more than 1 faith (usually more than 1 non-faith) they were counted more than once. Not very accurate but interesting.

2003 wo 2003 2004 2005 wo 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 wo 2010 2011 2012 Religion
32%↓ 23% 27%ᛏ 33.1% 29%ᛏ 29% 29% 27%↓ 29%ᛏ 31.5% 29% 28%↓ 29%ᛏ Christianity
19%ᛏ 2% 2% 20.3% 2% 3%ᛏ 3% 3% 3% 23.2% 3% 3% 3% Islam
16% 25% 16%↓ 12.4% 18%ᛏ 17%↓ 17% 21%ᛏ 17%↓ 6.2% 17% 17% 17% Other
14%↓ 41% 46%ᛏ 14.2% 39%↓ 36%↓ 36% 34%↓ 35%ᛏ 16.3% 36%ᛏ 36% 36% No religion
13% 4% 2%↓ 13.3% 5%ᛏ 6%ᛏ 6% 6% 6% 15.0% 6% 6% 6% Hinduism
6% 2% 3%ᛏ 5.9% 4%ᛏ 4% 4% 4% 4% 7.1% 4% 4% 4% Buddhism
<1% 0% <1%ᛏ 0.4% <1% <1% <1% <1% <1% 0.4% <1% <1% <1% Sikhism
<1% 2% 3%ᛏ 0.2% 3% 4%ᛏ 4% 4% 4% 0.2% 4% 4% 4% Judaism
<1% 0% 1%ᛏ 0.1% 1% 2%ᛏ 2% 2% 2% 0.1% 2% 2% 2% Baha'i Faith

English Wikipedia[edit]

Based on w:en:Category:Wikipedians by religion, w:en:Category:Atheist Wikipedians, w:en:Category:Ignostic Wikipedians, w:en:Category:Agnostic Wikipedians, and w:en:Category:Apatheist Wikipedians as on 2005-12-24 ([1]), 2006-12-23, 2007-12-25, 2008-12-26, 2009-12-25, and 2010-12-25. Can't yet link to unarchived static en categories.

Other and No religion are affected by the large number of Pastafarians who are sometimes categorized under religion, but at other times under no religion.

See also which uses a different method.

2003 wo 2005 wo 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 wo 2010 2011 Religion
32%↓ 33.1 32% 23%↓ 33%ᛏ 28%↓ 33%ᛏ 31.5% 27%↓ 35%ᛏ Christianity
19%ᛏ 20.3 5% 8%ᛏ 5%↓ 6%ᛏ 5%↓ 23.2% 6%ᛏ 6% Islam
16% 12.4% 12% 21%ᛏ 16%↓ 12%↓ 10%↓ 6.2% 17%ᛏ 9%↓ Other
14%↓ 14.2% 42% 35%↓ 30%↓ 40%ᛏ 36%↓ 16.3% 34%↓ 36%ᛏ No religion
13% 13.3% 1% 2%ᛏ 2% 2% 2% 15.0% 2% 2% Hinduism
6% 5.9% 2% 3%ᛏ 4%ᛏ 3%↓ 3% 7.1% 3% 3% Buddhism
<1% 0.4% 0% <1%ᛏ <1% <1% <1% 0.4% <1% <1% Sikhism
<1% 0.2% 6% 7%ᛏ 9%ᛏ 7%↓ 11%ᛏ 0.2% 10%↓ 9%↓ Judaism
<1% 0.1% 0% 1%ᛏ <1%↓ <1% <1% 0.1% <1% <1% Baha'i Faith