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To refine the main page of meta. (it might not need anything, but it feels a bit awkward, so we can investigate)

See also Main page refactor


(it's pretty good now, but wikimedia is a first or second rate website, and it's getting more and more popular, so there is no reason to try to figure out how to make it better, it gets used a lot.... it's good, but it is used so much that better will be a good return.

This also deals with the core layout of the wikimedia foundation, as websites reflect the organization of a group.

Main points[edit]

  • language starting points
  • meta utilities
  • software
  • foundation
  • collaboration


Meta utilities goes with collaboration
the software facilitiates collaboration
foundation is a structure for collaboration
language starting points allow for cross language collaboration


moderators may need to act quick even though they don't know the language
software doesn't cover everything, so conventions must be made, called utilities
the foundation gains new members through some of the utilities
the collaboration is facilitated by utilities


The langauges are supported by the software
the utilities cover shortcommings in the software
the foundation produces the software
the collaboration is done through the software


(I'm running out of my alloted time to wiki today, note, it is possible to have mutliple starting points that are focused on different things.