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Provincial Photowalk Series
Province No. 2, Nepal
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List of Legislative Members[edit]

Constituency (PR if blank) Member Party Wikipedia article Wikidata Item link Image on Commons Image category on Commons
Parsa 3(A) Abdul Rahim Ansari FSF, Nepal Q67865865 Yes check.svg Done
Mahottari 3(A) Abhiram Sharma RJPN Q67866802 Yes check.svg Done
Saptari 4(B) Abhishek Yadav FSF, Nepal Q67867446 Yes check.svg Done
Alka Kumari Jha RJPN Q64026746 Yes check.svg Done
Alka Kumari Jha
Media related to Alka Kumari Jha at Wikimedia Commons
Anita Kumari Nepal Communist Party Q67867869 Yes check.svg Done
Anju Kumari RJPN Q64015754 Yes check.svg Done
Anju Kumari
Media related to Anju Kumari at Wikimedia Commons
Sarlahi 2(B) Ashok Kumar Yadav FSF, Nepal Q64038764 Yes check.svg Done
Ashok Kumar Yadav
Media related to Ashok Kumar Yadav at Wikimedia Commons
Siraha 1(B) Ashok Kumar Yadav Nepal Communist Party Q67868134 Yes check.svg Done
Asiya Devi Tharuni Nepali Congress Q67868468 Yes check.svg Done
Babita Kumari RJPN Q67868805 Yes check.svg Done
Rautahat 1(A) Babulal Sah Kanu RJPN Q64017506 Yes check.svg Done
Babulal Sah Kanu
Media related to Babulal Sah Kanu at Wikimedia Commons
Bara 2(B) Bachha Raut Ahir FSF, Nepal Q67869154 Yes check.svg Done
Sarlahi 1(B) Bechi Lungeli Nepal Communist Party Q67869573 Yes check.svg Done
Mahottari 1(B) Bharat Prasad Shah Nepal Communist Party Q67869984 Yes check.svg Done
Bhima Yadav FSF, Nepal Q64039326 Yes check.svg Done
Bhima Yadav
Media related to Bhima Yadav at Wikimedia Commons
Saptari 3(B) Bidheshwor Prasad Yadav RJPN Q64040339 Yes check.svg Done
Bideshwar Prasad Yadav
Media related to Bideshwar Prasad Yadav at Wikimedia Commons
Siraha 2(A) Bijay Kumar Yadav FSF, Nepal Q64041438 Yes check.svg Done
Bijay Kumar Yadav
Media related to Bijay Kumar Yadav at Wikimedia Commons
Sarlahi 4(A) Birendra Prasad Singh Nepali Congress Q64065490 Yes check.svg Done
Birendra Prasad Singh
Media related to Birendra Prasad Singh at Wikimedia Commons
Chameli Devi Das FSF, Nepal Q67870449 Yes check.svg Done
Rautahat 4(A) Dhan Lal Thokar Nepali Congress Q64066874 Yes check.svg Done
Dhan Lal Thokar
Media related to Dhan Lal Thokar at Wikimedia Commons
Siraha 4(A) Dilip Kumar Shah Nepal Communist Party Q64110113 Yes check.svg Done
Dilip Kumar Sah
Media related to Dilip Kumar Sah at Wikimedia Commons
Sarlahi 3(A) Dilli Prasad Upreti Nepal Communist Party Q67870869 Yes check.svg Done
Dimpal Kumari Jha RJPN Q44159347 Yes check.svg Done
Dimpal Kumari Jha
Media related to Dimpal Kumari Jha at Wikimedia Commons
Fuliya Devi Saday Nepal Communist Party Q67871104 Yes check.svg Done
Sarlahi 2(A) Gauri Narayan Shah Teli RJPN Q64063884 Yes check.svg Done
Gauri Narayan Shah Teli
Media related to Gauri Narayan Sah Teli at Wikimedia Commons
Gita Kumari Yadav Nepali Congress Q67871177 Yes check.svg Done
Gita Kumari Yadav
Media related to Gita Kumari Yadav at Wikimedia Commons
Saptari 4(A) Govinda Bahadur Neupane Nepal Communist Party Q67910883 Yes check.svg Done
Govinda Bahadur Neupane
Media related to Govinda Bahadur Neupane at Wikimedia Commons
Dhanusha 4(A) Gyanendra Kumar Yadav FSF, Nepal Q67914258 Yes check.svg Done
Hasima Khatun Nepal Communist Party Q67911139 Yes check.svg Done
Hasima Khatun
Media related to Hasima Khatun at Wikimedia Commons
Jagat Prasad Yadav Nepal Communist Party Q67914388 Yes check.svg Done
Jagataren Devi Sudin Nepal Communist Party Q67911690 Yes check.svg Done
Jaktarain Devi Sah Sudin
Media related to Jagataren Devi Sudin at Wikimedia Commons
Janaki Sharan Sah RJPN Q67914528 Yes check.svg Done
Parsa 1(A) Janat Ansari FSF, Nepal Q67914581 Yes check.svg Done
Mahottari 2(A) Jayanul Rain RJPN Q67914929 Yes check.svg Done
Bara 4(B) Jitendra Prasad Sonar RJPN Q67911814 Yes check.svg Done
Jitendra Prasad Sonar
Media related to Jitendra Prasad Sonar at Wikimedia Commons
Bara 3(A) Jwala Kumari Shah Nepal Communist Party Q67915008 Yes check.svg Done
Karima Begum FSF, Nepal Q64063158 Yes check.svg Done
Karima Begam
Media related to Karima Begam at Wikimedia Commons
Mahottari 4(A) Kaushal Kumar Yadav FSF, Nepal Q67915112 Yes check.svg Done
Kiran Kumari Rae FSF, Nepal Q67915184 Yes check.svg Done
Dhanusha 1(A) Kishori Shah Kamal Nepal Communist Party Q67911951 Yes check.svg Done
Kishori Sah Kamal
Media related to Kishori Shah Kamal at Wikimedia Commons
Rautahat 3(B) Kundan Prasad Kushwaha Nepal Communist Party Q67915184 Yes check.svg Done
Siraha 1(A) Lagan Lal Chaudhary Nepal Communist Party Q67915496 Yes check.svg Done
Siraha 2(B) Madan Sen Prasad Shreevastav Nepal Communist Party Q67915563 Yes check.svg Done
Saptarti 2(B) Manish Kumar Suman RJPN Yes check.svg Done Q61763898 Yes check.svg Done
Manju Kumari Nepali Congress Q67915651 Yes check.svg Done
Manju Kumari Yadav Nepal Communist Party Q67915719 Yes check.svg Done
Manoj Kumar Singh Nepal Communist Party Q67912075 Yes check.svg Done
Manoj Kumar Singh
Media related to Manoj Kumar Singh at Wikimedia Commons
Parsa 1(B) Mohammad Lalbabu Raut FSF, Nepal Yes check.svg Done Q48880401 Yes check.svg Done
Saptari 3(A) Mohammad Samim Nepali Congress Q67933692 Yes check.svg Done
Mohammad Samir Nepal Communist Party Q67933930 Yes check.svg Done
Rautahar 2(A) Nagendra Prasad Sinha Nepali Congress Q67912326 Yes check.svg Done
Nagendra Prasad Sinha
Media related to Nagendra Prasad Sinha at Wikimedia Commons
Rautahat 3(A) Nagendra Rae Yadav Nepal Communist Party Q67934364 Yes check.svg Done
Naresh Kumar Yadav Nepali Congress Q67934940 Yes check.svg Done
Saptari 1(B) Nawal Kishore Shah Sudi RJPN Q67912568 Yes check.svg Done
Nawal Kishor Sah Sudi
Media related to Nawal Kishore Shah Sudi at Wikimedia Commons
Netra Bikram Sah RJPN Q64043882 Yes check.svg Done
Netra Bikram Sah
Media related to Netra Bikram Sah at Wikimedia Commons
Nilam Devi Bhumiharani RJPN Q64117314 Yes check.svg Done
Nilam Devi Bhumiharani
Media related to Nilam Devi Bhumiharin at Wikimedia Commons
Nira Kumari Sah RJPN Q67935365 Yes check.svg Done
Om Prakash Sharma Nepali Congress Q67936038 Yes check.svg Done
Bara 3(B) Paras Prasad Shah FSF, Nepal Q67936616 Yes check.svg Done
Dhanusha 3(B) Parmeshwor Shah Sudi RJPN Q64043879 Yes check.svg Done
Parmeshwar Sah Sudi
Media related to Parmeshwar Sah Sudi at Wikimedia Commons
Parsa 3(B) Pralad Giri Goswami FSF, Nepal Q67937108 Yes check.svg Done
Pramila Devi Das Nepali Congress Q67937291 Yes check.svg Done
Pramila Kumari Yadav Nepal Communist Party Q67937478 Yes check.svg Done
Siraha 3(B) Pramod Kumar Yadav Nepal Communist Party
Rabindra Baitha Dhobi Nepal Communist Party
Parsa 2(A) Rajeshwor Prasad Shah Nepali Congress
Rajini Devi Waranwal FSF, Nepal
Dhanusha 2(B) Ram Ashish Yadav FSF, Nepal
Rautahat 2(B) Ram Kishore Prasad Yadav FSF, Nepal
Siraha 3(A) Ram Kumar Yadav Nepal Communist Party
Ram Naresh Rae RJPN
Dhanusha 3(A) Ram Saroj Yadav Nepali Congress Q64112260 Yes check.svg Done
Ram Saroj Yadav
Media related to Ram Saroj Yadav at Wikimedia Commons
Dhanusha 1(B) Ram Chandra Mandal Nepal Communist Party Q64130328 Yes check.svg Done
Ram Chandra Mandal
Media related to Ram Chandra Mandal at Wikimedia Commons
Parsa 2(B) Ramesh Prasad Kurmi RJPN
Mahottari 3(B) Rani Kumari Tiwari RJPN
Reena Yadav RJPN
Rubi Karna Nepal Communist Party Q64133042 Yes check.svg Done
Rubi Karna
Media related to Rubi Karna at Wikimedia Commons
Sabitri Devi Shah NFSP
Sanchamaya Moktan FSF, Nepal
Sarlahi 3(B) Sanjay Kumar Yadav FSF, Nepal
Bara 2(A) Sarada Shankar Prasad Kalawar FSF, Nepal Q67910332 Yes check.svg Done
Saraswati Chaudhari Nepali Congress Q64134139 Yes check.svg Done
Saraswati Chaudhari
Media related to Saraswati Chaudhary at Wikimedia Commons
Mahottari 4(B) Saroj Kumar Singh FSF, Nepal
Bara 1(B) Saroj Kumar Yadav RJPN Q64134995 Yes check.svg Done
Saroj Kumar Yadav
Media related to Saroj Kumar Yadav at Wikimedia Commons
Saptari 1(A) Satya Narayan Mandal Nepal Communist Party Yes check.svg Done Q44287042 Yes check.svg Done
Satya Narayan Mandal
Media related to Satya Narayan Mandal at Wikimedia Commons
Dhanusha 2(A) Shailendra Kumar Yadav FSF, Nepal Q64043872 Yes check.svg Done
Shailendra Kumar Yadav
Media related to Shailendra Kumar Yadav at Wikimedia Commons
Saptari 2(A) Shailendra Prasad Shah FSF, Nepal
Parsa 4(A) Shankar Prasad Chaudhary Nepali Congress
Mahottari 1(A) Sharada Devi Thapa Nepal Communist Party
Dhanusha 4(B) Shatrudhan Mahato Nepal Communist Party
Rautahat 4(B) Sheikh Abdul Kalam Aajad Independent
Sheikh Rasid Ali Nepali Congress
Parsa 4(B) Shinghasan Shah Kalwar FSF, Nepal
Shiva Chandra Chaudhary Nepali Congress Q64121339 Yes check.svg Done
Shiv Chandra Chaudhary
Media related to Shiv Chandra Chaudhary at Wikimedia Commons
Shobha Lama Nepali Congress Q64015981 Yes check.svg Done
Shobha Lama
Media related to Shobha Lama at Wikimedia Commons
Shyam Pari Devi Nepali Congress
Sita Gurung Nepal Communist Party
Bara 4(A) Sundar Bahadur Bishwokarma Nepal Communist Party
Sunita Devi Mochi FSF, Nepal
Siraha 4(B) Suresh Kumar Mandal RJPN
Mahottari 2(B) Surita Kumari Shah RJPN
Bara 1(A) Triloki Prasad Nepal Communist Party
Upama Kumari Dev FSF, Nepal Q63638793 Yes check.svg Done
Upama Kumari Dev
Media related to Upama Kumari Dev at Wikimedia Commons
Sarlahi 1(A) Upendra Mahato RJPN Q67912160 Yes check.svg Done
Sarlahi 4(B) Upendra Prasad Kushwaha Nepali Congress Q67911719 Yes check.svg Done
Usha Kumari FSF, Nepal Q67911389 Yes check.svg Done
Rautahat 1(B) Yogendra Ray Yadav FSF, Nepal Q64016289 Yes check.svg Done
Yogendra Ray Yadav
Media related to Yogendra Ray Yadav at Wikimedia Commons
Source: Election Commission of Nepal