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Wiki Loves Earth 2016 in Nepal
विकी लभ्स अर्थ २०१६
Logo of Wiki Loves Earth 2016 in Nepal
Logo WLE 2016 in Nepal
Statusinactive (ended)
GenreNatural phenomena
BeginsMay 2, 2016 (2016-05-02)
EndsJune 15, 2016 (2016-06-15)
CoordinatorBijay chaurasia
Participantsall over the world mostly Nepalese
Organised byMaithili Wikimedians
MemberBiplab Anand
Zeetendra and Nabin Sapkota

Wiki Loves Earth 2016 in Nepal is an international photographic competition to promote natural heritage sites around the World through Wikimedia projects (mainly Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons). Maithili Wikimedians in Wikimedia Commons organized a month long (45 days) international photographic competition to promote the natural heritage sites of Nepal. The photographic competition is begins on 1 May, 2016 and finished on 15 June, 2016. The highlights of the competition can see here.


  1. Bijay Chaurasia - Coordinator
  2. Zeetendra
  3. Nabin Kumar Sapkota
  4. Biplab Anand


In the entire competition of Wiki Loves Earth 2016 in Nepal, 271 user participated and uploaded their natural images to commons.
The top 20 uploaders of the competition is as follows.

No User Name Numbers of Upload
1 Indra Rai 264 files
2 Bijay chaurasia 93 files
3 Nabin845 92 files
4 Lusifor 85 files
5 Pratapbaniya 80 files
6 Centi kanxa 79 files
7 Nilamkarn 61 files
8 Wang Lama Humla 51 files
9 Yallu007 50 files
10 Nischitbaral 38 files
11 Santoshpudasaini 37 files
12 Manishpangeni 34 files
13 Smnbhattarai 33 files
14 Raunak Maskay 32 files
15 Prabhat.pradhan.75 30 files
16 RGauravB 29 files
17 Shadow Ayush 25 files
18 Rameshjarvis 25 files
19 Pursob64 24 files
20 Pranish subedi 22 files

The full list of the uploaders can be seen here.


SN User Name Full Name Email Address
1 Agnes Kwong Ka Bo Kwong aggiekwong(_AT_)
2 Marija Grujovska Marija Grujovska marija.grujovska(_AT_)
3 Pratap Baniya Pratap Baniya pratap.baniya(_AT_)
4 Bijay Chaurasia Bijay Chaurasia bijaychaurasia25(_AT_)
5 Prasiddha Khanal Prasiddha back2trak(_AT_)
6 Hemanta Kumari Chaudhary Hemanta Kumari Chaudhary -
7 Wang Lama Humla Wang Lama wanglamaart(_AT_)
8 Patricia Sauer Patricia Sauer -
9 Sushila Gurung Sue Shi Gurung sushilagurungsabi(_AT_)
10 Wang Lama Humla Wang Lama wanglamaart(_AT_)

Top 10 Images[edit]

Global Metrics[edit]

  • Number of active editors involved- 45
  • Number of new registered users- 210
  • Number of individuals involved- 271
  • Number of new images/media added to Wikimedia article pages- 2272
  • Number of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects- 35
  • Number of bytes added to and/or deleted from Wikimedia projects-
  • Learning question: Did your work increase the motivation of contributors, and how do you know?

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