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Wiki Loves Earth 2017 in Nepal
Maithili Wikimdians Event

Wiki Loves Earth 2017 in Nepal is an international photographic competition to promote natural heritage sites around the World through Wikimedia projects (mainly Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons). Maithili Wikimedians in Wikimedia Commons organized a month long international photographic competition to promote the natural heritage sites of Nepal. Maithili Wikimedians organize this event for second time. The photographic competition is begins on 1 May, 2017 and finished on 31 May, 2017. The highlights of the competition can see here.

To felicitate the winners of the Wiki Loves Earth 2017 in Nepal, Maithili Wikimedians is going to organize an event on 29th July, 2017.


Program Schedule[edit]

Timing Session Topics to be covered Coordinator/Resource Person
☼ 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Registration Aasish Shah
☼ 2:30 pm - 2.35 pm Welcome & Introduction Saroj Dhakal
☼ 2:35 pm - 2.40 pm Introductions about Wiki Loves Earth and Program Jitendra Shah
☼ 2:40 pm - 2:50 pm Competition Overview Statistics and Competition overview Saroj Dhakal
☼ 2.50 pm - 3.00 pm Jury Speech - Nirmal Dulal
☼ 3.00 pm – 3:30 pm Prize distribution Prize distribution of Winners WLE 2017 in Nepal Participant
☼ 3:30 pm – 3.45 pm Coordinator Speech WLE in Details 2017 Pankaj Kumar Deo
☼ 3:45 pm - 4:00 pm Ending Note Thanking Biplab Anand
☼ 4:00 pm - 4:10 pm Group Photo Session - Photographer- Bijay Chaurasia
☼ 4.10 pm - 4:45 pm ☕ High Tea/Coffee Break


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