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This page should be used for localization of the w:Template:Infobox Country from English Wikipedia.

Localization of the content[edit]

Localization of country, city etc. names should be discussed on other pages: Mass content adding/Countries of the world/Names of the countries, Mass content adding/Cities of the world/Names of the cities etc. (General page is Mass content adding/Localization. In general, this should be used for translation of sentences inside of right part of the template.

Localization of the template[edit]

This part is for pure localization of template (in general, left part of the template, as well as keys for values).

As we need unification of infobox look, we need to ask communities to use one form of the infobox. English template is a good start for doing that. (In other words, templates are different on different Wikipedias and they are not usable in this project.)

Localization of the keys[edit]

Localization of the values[edit]