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# This is a title blacklist; every title that matches regex here are forbidden to create and edit
# Use "#" for comments; see the talk page for more options.
# This is _not_ the global title blacklist; for that, see Title blacklist.
# For information on use, see mw:Extension:TitleBlacklist

# Note: internally, the pattern delimiter is '/', so be sure to escape all '/'s.
# Also, UTF-8 mode is enabled.

# Prevent LangCom status subpages (instead of Special:AbuseFilter/55)
Language committee\/Status.* <noedit|errmsg=Abusefilter-warning-LangCom> 

# Semi-protect Privacy policy and its translations
(Translations:)?Privacy policy(\/.*)? <noedit|autoconfirmed|errmsg=Semiprotectedpagewarning>

# Username abuse
.*Bsadowski1.* <autoconfirmed|antispoof>
.*Rus[il]+k.* <autoconfirmed|antispoof|errmsg=Semiprotectedpagewarning>
.*Tegel.* <autoconfirmed|antispoof>

# Vandalism & Spam
.*payday.* <autoconfirmed>

# Weirdly encoded COIBot reports
User:COIBot\/LinkReports\/.*(½|¼|Ð|¾|±|µ|º).* <noedit>
User:COIBot\/XWiki\/.*(½|¼|Ð|¾|±|µ|º).* <noedit>

# Replaces Special:AbuseFilter/152 // special:permalink/17567699
Synchbot\/Archives\/.* <noedit|autoconfirmed|errmsg=Semiprotectedpagewarning>

# Semi-protect the main pages and their translations
(Translations:)?Main Page(\/.*)? <noedit|autoconfirmed|errmsg=Semiprotectedpagewarning>

# provocative words

# Used at Interface
Meta:GlobalRenameQueue\/Notes\/.+ <noedit|autoconfirmed>

# Repeat vandalism -- MA 2020-12-07
Template:Unblock\/.+ <noedit|autoconfirmed|errmsg=Semiprotectedpagewarning>
Template:Unblock (?:declined|granted)\/.+ <noedit|autoconfirmed|errmsg=Semiprotectedpagewarning>

# Spam, see e.g. Special:Contributions/GHYTUYKILO978; MA 2022-03-16
.*support with phone.*
.*sure number care.*