MediaWiki release cycle

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Version numbers[edit]

major.minor.patchlevel (eg 1.3.0)

Patchlevels generally should not change functionality majorly, but should just be fixing bugs etc. A minor-number bump could change things vastly. We've never bumped the major version yet...

We do not use the Linux-style even/odd minor numbering system. Development versions so far aren't given specific numbers until we approach release and put out release candidates, at which point they're "1.2.0rc2" etc; in the meantime developers just work from CVS and try not to break it.

Release cycle[edit]

  • Wikipedia Phase 3 goes online: July 2002
  • "MediaWiki stable" tarballs go out August 2003
  • 1.1 in November 2003
  • 1.2 March 2004
  • 1.3 August 2004
  • 1.4 December 2004 (beta 1)
  • 1.5 June 2005 (beta 1)

Release early, release often, we hope! 'Minor' releases have so far been a few months apart, perhaps accelerating.

Bug-fix patchlevel releases will continue to be put out as needed while the next big revision is being worked on.

Release management[edit]

Brion is currently handling release management and stable patch releases.


See MediaWiki from CVS for the CVS branch & tag names used to mark releases.


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