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Merging projects

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Possible merger proposals that have been mentioned at least once before.

This is NOT currently an official process, and does not have approval from Langcom. This page merely keeps track of previous discussions related to merging projects. Some of these could, in the future, go through the official LangCom project closure process.

Proposal Projects Pros Cons
Akan–Twi Akan and Twi[1] Wikipedias Summary:
  • Twi may be considered a dialect of Akan
  • Merging projects would make knowledge in these similar languages available to speakers of both
  • « [T]here is an "Akan" orthography for writing all the languages called "Akan". »[2]
  • The "standard Akan" is just an academic proposal and is not actually spoken.[2]
  • There are several major dialects. Create one Wikipedia for each.
Kirundi-Kinyarwanda Kirundi and Kinyarwanda Wikipedias Summary
  • Similar languages/dialects
  • They have many differences and are used in different countries (Rwanda vs. Burundi).
Serbo-Croatian Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbo-Croatian Wikipedias Summary? Summary?
English-Simple English English and Simple English Wikipedias Summary? Summary?

Notes and references

  1. Twi = Asante + Akuapem?
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