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Call for feedback about Wikimedia Foundation Bylaws changes and Board candidate rubric

Hello. Apologies if you are not reading this message in your native language. Please help translate to your language.

Today the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees starts two calls for feedback. One is about changes to the Bylaws mainly to increase the Board size from 10 to 16 members. The other one is about a trustee candidate rubric to introduce new, more effective ways to evaluate new Board candidates. The Board welcomes your comments through 26 October. For more details, check the full announcement.

Thank you! Qgil-WMF (talk) 17:09, 7 October 2020 (UTC)

Watchlist expiration

Hi, just a query, anyway to "opt-out" of this. Not that useful for me. Do we have some buttons in beta or etc to opt-out? Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 18:35, 19 October 2020 (UTC)

See Tech#"Watch_This_Page",_"Permanent". Stryn (talk) 19:02, 19 October 2020 (UTC)
Thanks Stryn, I am thinking is there a way for there to be a non css / js opt out manner, like a watchlist button that says opt out of watchlist expiration (like the rollback prompt thing, there's a mediawiki optout manner - or rather opt in depeding on wikis). Is it more suitable for discussion on Tech or can a local consensus here for a mediawiki based solution be acceptable if filled as a ticket on phab and how likely developers will accept it. I mean at least on metawiki I don't watchlist pages temporarily, for content wiki yes. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 15:59, 20 October 2020 (UTC)
@Camouflaged Mirage: put in a phab: request, if you want it, hundreds or thousands of others probably do too, either on some or all wikis. It should be pretty easy for them to build it into the preferences, and I was surprised that it is not there as part of the rollout. <shrug> what do I know?  — billinghurst sDrewth 22:41, 20 October 2020 (UTC)
Thanks billinghurst. Filed. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 12:39, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
@Camouflaged Mirage: to give direct feedback to the team, see also mw:Talk:Community_Tech/Watchlist_Expiry#Requesting_feedback_on_testable_version. Qgil-WMF (talk) 14:00, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
@Qgil-WMF: Thanks. I will leave a link to this discussion there. :) Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 15:56, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
It is always possible to create a gadget. Ruslik (talk) 16:05, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
@Stryn, Camouflaged Mirage, Billinghurst, and Ruslik0: Hello! Thanks for sharing this question. The watchlist expiry feature was developed as a Community Tech project, after receiving some of the highest votes in the 2019 Community Wishlist Survey. As for the pop-up, it is actually nearly the same as the old pop-up when you watch a page via star. It displays for the same amount of time before being automatically dismissed (about 5 seconds) and it can be manually dismissed the same way (i.e., click on the pop-up). Furthermore, the default selection (to watch permanently) was the same behavior before the feature was enabled. The only difference is that you now have an option to change the watch status from permanent to a temporary selection. Overall, if you watched items via star in the past, and if you want no changes to that experience, your user flow is the same. However, if you would like a workaround and return to the older success message, you can modify the CSS. For example, you can find a workaround provided in T249259#6562737. Thanks! --IFried (WMF) (talk) 16:13, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
Can I ask for the code to use should we decide to put it as a gadget here only on meta. @IFried (WMF):. Thanks. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 16:59, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
@Camouflaged Mirage: Sure! You can find the details of the code here. Thanks! --IFried (WMF) (talk) 17:13, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
@IFried (WMF): Thanks. I meant can I have some help to write the mediawiki code for the gadget for meta. I will continue on your talkpage. Thanks so much for the response. Camouflaged Mirage (talk) 17:21, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
For the people who want to save one click:
#mw-editpage-watchlist-expiry {
    display: none;
— regards, Revi 20:37, 21 October 2020 (UTC)
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Important: maintenance operation on October 27

-- Trizek (WMF) (talk) 17:09, 21 October 2020 (UTC)

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Revoke A's global renamer permission - proposal

Hello, I've created Requests for comment/Revoke A's global renamer permission, as a proposal to revoke A's global renamer status, due to sharing his account access. I'd like to invite you to join the discussion in the RfC. Best, --Martin Urbanec (talk) 18:34, 22 October 2020 (UTC)

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Grants:Project's status ?

Hi there, I have difficulties to get update on the Grant:Project's status which has been disturbed by 2020's events. By normal curse of action a cycle should occurs this Automn, none is announced. I asked a month ago to be informed, no answer. Do we have news on this side ? We volunteer are accumulating energy and ideas which we would like to propose. Yug (talk) 12:34, 28 October 2020 (UTC)

So far, no information. Ruslik (talk) 15:42, 31 October 2020 (UTC)