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Descriptiondump Special:GadgetUsage onwiki so you can review its history
AuthorAlexis Jazz
UpdatedJuly 30, 2022; 22 months ago (2022-07-30)
Skin supportall (only UI elements are OO.ui popups)
Sourcew:en:User:Alexis Jazz/GUS2Wiki.js

GUS2Wiki copies the information from Special:GadgetUsage to an on-wiki page so you can review its history.

See Meta:GUS2Wiki for an example showing this wiki's statistics.



This script downloads GadgetUsage using the API ([1], [2]) and dumps it somewhere on-wiki so you can review its history. By default it tries to create Project:GUS2Wiki. A different page title and/or fallback to User:GUS2Wiki/GUS2Wiki is optional. If Project:GUS2Wiki is a redirect the redirect will be followed.

The script tries to avoid updating statistics more than once a week, this should allow a single page of page history with the default of 50 revisions per page to cover roughly a year. If the last revision of the page isn't an update by GUS2Wiki it may get updated sooner.

Installation: Generally not needed. As long as the author visits enwiki daily that should be enough. See source code. Few people should install this!

Opting in and opting out


Alexis Jazz set up a list of 270+ wikis of which gadget stats are processed. As of August 2022 ~120 of those have a page for the stats.

To opt out of this page either:

  • If you are an admin, notify me on my talk page. I'll remove your project from the list. Please consult with your community first.
  • Delete the page. The script won't recreate it, protection is not needed.

If your wiki isn't on the list (or page creation is blocked on your wiki), either:

  • If your project is on the 270+ list (if the Wikipedia in your language has >300 active users it probably is), create Project:GUS2Wiki on your project.
  • Or if it's not, ask Alexis Jazz to add your project to the list.
  • Or run the script yourself.



The message at the top of the statistics project page is in English. The default message includes a red link to a /top subpage. If you create this /top subpage the default top message will be replaced with the content of this subpage. The /top subpage can also be used to categorize the project page. For an example, see the /top subpage on the German Wikipedia.

Wikis with a GUS2Wiki page


See links at Wikidata: Project:GUS2Wiki (Q113143828)



A historical record of Special:GadgetUsage was requested on Phabricator (T121049) in December 2015. Nothing materialized in six and a half years. In July 2022, GUS2Wiki was written in about 2 hours with a few more hours to make it work better.



See HTML comment of the pages of individual projects.



See User:Alexis Jazz/GUS2Wiki.json.