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Descriptiondump Special:GadgetUsage onwiki so you can review its history
AuthorAlexis Jazz
UpdatedJuly 30, 2022; 20 months ago (2022-07-30)
Skin supportall (only UI elements are OO.ui popups)
Sourcew:en:User:Alexis Jazz/GUS2Wiki.js

GUS2Wiki copies the information from Special:GadgetUsage to an on-wiki page so you can review its history.

See Meta:GUS2Wiki for an example showing this wiki's statistics.


This script downloads GadgetUsage using the API ([1], [2]) and dumps it somewhere on-wiki so you can review its history. By default it tries to create Project:GUS2Wiki. A different page title and/or fallback to User:GUS2Wiki/GUS2Wiki is optional. If Project:GUS2Wiki is a redirect the redirect will be followed.

The script tries to avoid updating statistics more than once a week, this should allow a single page of page history with the default of 50 revisions per page to cover roughly a year. If the last revision of the page isn't an update by GUS2Wiki it may get updated sooner.

Installation: Generally not needed. As long as the author visits enwiki daily that should be enough. See source code. Few people should install this!

Opting in and opting out[edit]

Alexis Jazz set up a list of 270+ wikis of which gadget stats are processed. As of August 2022 ~120 of those have a page for the stats.

To opt out of this page either:

  • If you are an admin, notify me on my talk page. I'll remove your project from the list. Please consult with your community first.
  • Delete the page. The script won't recreate it, protection is not needed.

If your wiki isn't on the list (or page creation is blocked on your wiki), either:

  • If your project is on the 270+ list (if the Wikipedia in your language has >300 active users it probably is), create Project:GUS2Wiki on your project.
  • Or if it's not, ask Alexis Jazz to add your project to the list.
  • Or run the script yourself.


The message at the top of the statistics project page is in English. The default message includes a red link to a /top subpage. If you create this /top subpage the default top message will be replaced with the content of this subpage. The /top subpage can also be used to categorize the project page. For an example, see the /top subpage on the German Wikipedia.

Wikis with a GUS2Wiki page[edit]

See links at Wikidata: Project:GUS2Wiki (Q113143828)


A historical record of Special:GadgetUsage was requested on Phabricator (T121049) in December 2015. Nothing materialized in six and a half years. In July 2022, GUS2Wiki was written in about 2 hours with a few more hours to make it work better.


See HTML comment of the pages of individual projects.


See User:Alexis Jazz/GUS2Wiki.json.