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This page is a list of abbreviated redirects to articles mainly in the Meta namespace. It's not complete, please add what you find as far as it's no nonsense. See also list of pages in the main namespace starting with WM: and Category:Shortcuts.


Pagename Redirect
Category:Categories CAT:CAT
Category:Cleanup CAT:CLN
Category:Deleteme CAT:CSD, CAT:DEL
Help:MediaWiki help policy WM:HELP
Meta:Deletion policy WM:DP
Meta:Deletion policy#Criteria for speedy deletion WM:CSD
Meta:What Meta is not WM:NOT
Meta:Historical WM:H
Meta:Index WM:I
Meta:Index/Information and statistics WM:IAS
Meta:Index/Policies and guidelines WM:PAG
Meta:Index/Requests and proposals WM:IRP
Meta:IP block exemption WM:IPBE
Meta:Language select WM:LS
Meta:MetaProject to Overhaul Meta WM:OM
Meta:Proposed page moves WM:PPM
Meta:Requests for adminship WM:RFA
Meta:Requests for deletion WM:RFD
Meta:Requests for undeletion WM:RFU
Meta:Sandbox WM:SB
Meta:Shortcut WM:WM
Meta:WikiProject on open proxies WM:OP
Meta:WikiProject on open proxies/Help:blocked WM:OP/H
Meta:WikiProject on open proxies/Blacklist WM:OP/B
Talk:Spam blacklist WM:SPAM
ParserFunctions WM:PF
Polling can be problematic WM:PCBP
Proposals for closing projects WM:PCP
Requests for bot status RFBS
Requests for username changes RFUC
Translation of the week WM:TOTW
Communication Projects Group/Success stories - how has Wikimedia changed your life? s
Translation requests TR
Translation requests/WMF TR/WMF
Steward requests/Global SRG
Steward requests/Global permissions SRGP
Steward requests/Permissions SRP
Steward requests/Bot status SRB
Steward S
Global sysops GS
Global sysops/Requests GSR
Global rollback GR
Global IP block exemptions GIPBE
Requests for comment RFC

Creating shortcuts

This is an example, in practice a shortcut WM:BABEL for Meta:Babel saving two keystrokes would be pointless.

Edit page WM:BABEL like this:

#REDIRECT [[Meta:Babel]] [[Category:Shortcuts]]

Maybe add a sort key to the category, but don't forget that WM: is no real namespace, specifying {{PAGENAME}} is redundant, because it's the default sort order in the main namespace.

For further technical and other considerations compare w:en:WP:SHORT (but the main point is that this link to a shortcut elsewhere works).