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تدريب ويكيبيديا للسفرا قايمهموارد

This orientation—for new Wikipedia Ambassadors who will help courses that use Wikipedia editing as a class assignment—consists of four main modules:

  • Welcome, a short introduction;
  • The Core, an overview of Wikipedia's core principles;
  • Editing, a tutorial on the basic mechanics of editing pages and communicating with others; and
  • Classroom, a walkthrough of best practices and examples for using Wikipedia assignments in the classroom.
  • Course pages, instructions for requesting user rights, setting up course pages, and using them.

Experienced Wikipedians will be familiar with Wikipedia's principles and how to edit, and should feel free to skip straight to the Editing module (which includes information on helping classes of new users get started, and how Ambassadors fit into the training of students), or review all the modules to become familiar with the training materials that students and instructors are using to learn the basics. In total, the four modules should take about one to one-and-a-half hours to complete.

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