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Creating your course page

This video walks through the creation and use of course pages.
You may want to open a separate browser tab/window as you follow along with these steps.

1 Check to see whether your institution (e.g., your college or university) is already in Wikipedia’s course page system by going to Special:Institutions. If not, add it. (If you are logged in and have the course instructor right, you should see an “Add a new institution” section above the list of institutions already in the system. If you don't have the instructor right yet, please continue to the end of the training and return when you do.)

2 Go to your institution page, then start your course page. In the “Add a course” section, select your institution from the pulldown menu, enter the course name and the term (e.g., 2013 Q1), and click “Add course.”

3 Fill in the details for your course including an “enrollment token” that your students will use as the code to allow them to enroll on the course page, the start and end dates, and a description of the course in general and what students will be trying to do on Wikipedia in particular—and then press “Submit” to create the course page. Instead of adding a description directly, you can simply put {{course page wizard|term=2024 Q3}} in the description field to use a wizard that helps you set up a course page like this one.

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